TF2 LOLdoubts – FAT SCOUT (Shotgun, Fists of Steel) – TF2 Loadouts [Episode 7] by shlaner

Episode 7’s loadout is the “Fat Scout” which is the heavy weapons guy running around with a shotgun only. No minigun. I ended up using the Fists of Steel for the first time while using this loadout and ended up liking it. This loadout was fun, but obviously not suggested if you want to help you team… Enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your loadout suggestion! -shlaner Keep in touch with me by adding or following me: Join the STEAM COMMUNITY GROUP Want to rent a low ping TF2 (or other) gameserver? Click here for 20% off! Follow me on TWITTER Subscribe on REDDIT Subscribe on YOUTUBE Like my page on FACEBOOK Add me to your circles on GOOGLE+ Donate to my channel! loadouts tf2 loadouts loldoubts team fortress 2 loadouts loadouts tf2 best tf2 loadouts funny tf2 loadouts worst tf2 loadout