The Healthy Textures’ Guide to Roller Setting

The Healthy Textures’ Guide to Roller Setting

The Healthy Textures’ Guide to Roller Setting takes you through the entire styling process from start to finish. Using myself as a model, I will show you how to:

*Properly wash and condition the hair for easier manageability *Set the hair on magnetic rollers for super soft, bouncy hair *Use roller tension to reduce frizzy hair and puffy roots *Place the clips so that the set will not wobble or feel insecure *Style the hair to maintain the curls or straighten for a sleek, flat-ironed look.

Here are some additional DVD benefits!

1. Save Time

No more spending hours in a crowded salon for an overbooked stylist. Set your hair on YOUR time and use products that work for YOU!

2. Save Money

The average salon visit is approximately . With tax, tip and travel, it can easily inflate to a visit. Let’s say you frequent the salon 2-3 times a month. That’s ,200-,300 a year on salon visits. What could you do with an extra ,000 in cash?

3. Improve the Health and Condition of Your Hair

Roller Setting is considered to be one of the healthiest styling methods for the hair. By using an indirect heat source (a hood dryer), the hair is able to retain more moisture and natural sheen. With this styling method, you will start to see stronger, healthier hair in no time!

4. Discover a New Twist on Roller Setting

Long gone are the days of hard, stiff curls! In this DVD, we will use a Dominican influenced method of Roller Setting, which will focus on deep conditioning and minimal product while setting. The end result is shiny, bouncy hair that is soft to the touch. By reducing the amount product used, the hair is also easier to straighten for a sleek look.

5. Developed with YOU in Mind

Models need not apply! Unlike most styling videos in which the host works on a model, I will set my own hair. This way, you can actually see what it will be like to set your hair at home. In addition, I will use the “Mohawk/rolling up” method, which is designed to be easy on the arms and even easier to duplicate at home!

About the Host

Gennifer Miller is the founder to, which is website advocating a Do-It-Yourself approach to healthier hair. On this website, she has dozens of articles and mini video tutorials on healthy hair care and styling. Her site receives thousands of hits a day and has an international following.

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