Great Grow Your Hair, Diet, Food, Exercise, Love and Luck Resolutions Tips

To purchase a YouTips4U custom-designed T-Shirt please click here: To visit me at my blogspot, please click here: Happy New Year Everyone! In this video I give you eight great new years resolution tips on diet, exercise, stress reduction, healthy foods, hair, and romance. I hope you enjoy this video and make some of these tips your new years change. I think youll be very happy if you do. Please subscribe because I have a lot more to come; something for everyone. Thanks so much for viewing!
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These five New Year’s resolutions can bring good health, according to American Cancer Society

These five New Year’s resolutions can bring good health, according to American Cancer Society
Keeping your New Year’s resolutions throughout the year is easier when you get support.
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Learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions at the Hoboken Public Library

Learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions at the Hoboken Public Library
Got some new fitness goals for the New Year? (You know, after you’re done eating your way through the holidays.) Learn how to keep your goals at the Hoboken Public Library tonight where trainer and health consultant Maripili Rodriguez will lead a discussion on tips for a healthy 2011 from cooking natural foods to working out.
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Fast, healthy weekday meals a cinch
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Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

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Home Page > Health > Medicine > Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

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Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

By: smithronlod

About the Author

The Benefits with Exercise Routines.If you want to know more details about these exercise routines please visit our website

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Article Source: – Exercise Routines – Excellent Exercise Plans In New Years Resolutions

The New Year season is over and still there is a chance to take some resolutions to lose weight quickly. However, one thing we need to remember that getting motivation to walk and exercise in the New Year is not so hard. Staying motivated to walk and exercise regularly requires a person to identify what motivates him or her. If you want to make a new active New Year resolution, you need to lose weight, develop a friend ship, enjoy the nature and some other aspects are real ways to get moving and develop a healthy active New Year resolution. As a motivated person, we need to realize that getting perfect shape, incorporating a daily routine of healthy activity order. One thing we need to accept that the motivation to stay in the New Year may be different from a person to a person. The important point to identify the motivator and incorporate this into the exercise routine.

Following few ideas will definitely help you to get motivations to do regular exercise. Pair up with a friend, Listen to music or books on tape while exercising, Walk trails and do hikes if nature is preferred to the club or neighborhood street, Use a pedometer to measure achievement, Have a destination in mind while walking. And also Walk a pet, Record thoughts on a digital recorder, provide a personal reward when an exercise goal is met, make a list of all the health benefits to exercise. After identifying the key motivation, you need to add this one into New Year resolution plans, and also you need to prepare a document the exercise routine on paper.

It is important to consult a doctor before starting any new exercise routine. Also, many New Years resolution plans fail because proper planning was not done. Make sure that any obstacles to exercise have been considered. Set up necessary child care, Make sure that enough time is available for the routine, Keep routines relatively short of avoid boredom, fatigue, and injury, Brainstorm with friends about how to keep exercise/walking fresh and interesting, Develop alternative plans when weather is bad are some fine tips to do regular exercise. Finally, there are some well established and experienced webs sites are offering these exercise routines to their valuable clients. For more information and details, please visit their valuable web site.

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(ArticlesBase SC #2108706)

About the Author:

The Benefits with Exercise Routines.If you want to know more details about these exercise routines please visit our website


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How Easy Dinner Recipes Can Help You Keep All Your New Year Resolutions

How Easy Dinner Recipes Can Help You Keep All Your New Year Resolutions

A quick survey of my friends showed the usual New Year resolutions.

Lose weight
Spend more time with the family
Get the kids eating healthier food
Save money
Pay off the credit card
Travel more
Take up a new hobby

Sound familiar?

What if I told you that the key to nailing your New Year resolutions this year is as simple as making a commitment to eating at home with the family?

“Too easy!” you say, “So what’s the catch?”

The catch? No catch, you just have to cook the meals yourself.

Not convinced eating at healthy home cooked meals will solve all these problems?

Let me show you in more detail:

Lose weight: You have more control over food you prepare at home. You’re less likely to go overboard on the carbs and you can watch the fat, salt and sugar content too. Go for fresh, simple food and do as little to it as you can. Combine this with a gentle exercise routine of say, 30 minutes brisk walking a day, and the weight problem will virtually solve itself.

Spend more time with the family: We’re all so busy these days, but if you can make a house rule that everyone is home at a certain time for dinner (at least some of the time), then you get the value of sharing a meal together as well as sharing some time together. This is made all the more special because you’ve prepared the meal yourself. In fact, get the kids involved and teach them some valuable skills while you are at it.

Get the kids eating healthier food: As you take care of your own resolution to lose weight the kids will benefit too from the healthier food. The only difference is that active kids and teens need more carbs than you do, so give them a serving of low GI brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or wholegrain bread.

Save money; Pay more off the credit card; and Travel more: I’ve lumped these three together because they can all be solved the same way. That is, once you are regularly eating at home, buying unprocessed foods, and not forking out a fortune on fast food and take out, you’ll notice a welcome side effect on your budget. You’ll be starting to save money. Money you can put away for a ‘rainy day’, put on the credit card, or save for a decent holiday. Every little bit helps, and in my experience raw fruit and vegetables and other unprocessed foods are much cheaper to buy than food that just needs to be heated and served.

Take up a new hobby: I think you’ve probably already guessed where I’m heading with this one! Yes, why not join the fastest growing movement in the western world and really get into cooking your own food! You don’t need to produce restaurant quality food every night. Who needs that kind of pressure! All you need is to allow yourself to enjoy food, fresh food, with as many of your senses as you can muster, and share the enthusiasm with your family.

Oh, and a source of easy dinner recipes never goes astray. I can help out there too, so be sure to check out my website for heaps of free recipes as well as tips on healthy eating.

So, what are you waiting for? Will you be going to next years New Year’s Eve party knowing that you’ve failed to keep your resolutions again?

Or are you going to enjoy ticking them all off this year? You’ll never have to make a resolution again…or you could have some fun cultivating a whole set of new vices!


Nerida Murray is the editor of