Is Soy Healthy? A Registered Holistic Nutritionist Talks Soy

Check out for the free ‘7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits’. Is soy healthy? On paper, it has some benefits – nutrients, enzymes, cancer-fighting compounds. It also has some issues, which I cover in this video and you can read more here: Do you drink soy milk? Or another non-dairy milk? Let me know below.

How are our guest supposed to know where we are registered?

Question by alexbeauty333: How are our guest supposed to know where we are registered?
My wedding is coming up in November and we have already sent out our invitations. I have read in all the blogs, posts and mags that it is not proper etiquette to include registry information in the formal invitations, which makes sense. But what does not make sense is how our guests, local and out-of-towners, will know where we are registered. I have told my mom and my aunt where we are registered and asked them to tell there friends and family but what if they forget or don’t get a chance to tell other people. HELP!! Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Heisenberg
you should have sent out the registered cards with the invites. they also would have gone out with the bridal shower invites

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