101 Money Saving Tips to Help Reduce Debt and Build Wealth (Financial Prosperity Series)

101 Money Saving Tips to Help Reduce Debt and Build Wealth (Financial Prosperity Series)

101 Money Saving Tips to Help Reduce Debt and Build Wealth was created to help the 95% of the population that is retiring broke find more money to use to get out of debt before it’s too late. Approximately only 5% of the world’s population can retire financially secure. I created this book to help individuals apply simple techniques to find money that may be leaking out of their lives without them knowing it. It only takes a mind shift and dedication to a simple plan to get out of debt as quickly as possible. The earlier you decide to start this system the more money you may be able to accumulate in your lifetime. Start today to take your life back and achieve financial prosperity and a stress free life. Stay tune to the next book in this series where I will go into more detail as to how to get out of debt using your new found money.


How can I reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?

Question by Nikki Rae: How can I reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?
My doctor recently put me on a low carb diabetic diet. I am not a diabetic – yet. I have a very high insulin resistance in which he wants to treat with diet and exercise and diabetic meds. I have been charting everything I eat, the calories, the fat grams, the carbs, fiber and protein. However, since my carbs have decreased, it seems that my fat intake has increased – at least it seems that way in the pie chart. Is it possible to reduce the fat AND carbs? The doc wants me under 35 carbs a day which is extremely hard to do as it is. It seems like the lower fat foods have a higher carb content and the higher fat foods have a lower carb content. I am concerned about my blood lipids, blood pressure and overall heart health. I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you may have to offer.

Oh, the reason I am so insulin resistant is due to the PCOS that I was diagnosed with a year ago. It’s sypmtoms have started to take over my body very quickly and has deemed me infertile, unless I can drop and control my insulin levels ASAP.

Best answer:

Answer by jasonmakowski
Well you can reduce your carbs and fat by concentrating on lean meats (no breading) like chicken, lean turkey and such. If you stick to green vegetables during the week, you’ll hit that 35 C g mark by far. But there are secret…hit me up if u want to learn them…

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Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Fitness > Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

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Posted: Apr 18, 2007 |Comments: 0
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I am 56 and 2 yrs. ago had lumbar spinal fusion (L5 and L6). I have begun with lower back pain. They said I have arthritis there. Is there any chance I will have to have that surgery redone in future
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Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

By: R. Adam Shore

About the Author

R. Adam Shore is an active fitness enthusiast, freelance reviewer and writer. To learn more visit Firm And Flatten Your Abs link at Physical Fitness Articles, home to over 4000 Fitness articles from over 1500 authors.

(ArticlesBase SC #133661)

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – Workout Exercises to Flatten Abs, Achieve Core Fitness and Reduce Lower Back Pain

Why should you care about muscles you can’t even see? The answer is, among other reasons, to flatten abs, eliminate back pain – particularly lower back pain – and achieve core fitness.

By now you are probably familiar with “core training” or you have at least heard the term used on TV or in various fitness publications. Your “core” refers not just to the abdominals, but your entire trunk musculature, including those deep muscles you can’t even see (like the Transversus Abdominis, or TVA).

Back pain is one of the biggest complaints of men of ALL ages, and many women suffer from it as well, especially during and after pregnancy. You see a weak core, combined with other problems such as tightness in certain muscle groups, lousy form and poor selection of exercises is one of the leading causes of lower back pain. The good news is that it’s largely preventable with a few easy exercises.

There’s more. Your core is also the seat of power for your entire body. If you’re an athlete – recreational or competitive – core strength means better performance on the playing field. If you’re a non-athlete, greater core strength means more efficient and safer performance of regular day to day activities. If you know anyone who blew out their back lifting boxes or simply doing work around the house you know what I’m talking about.

About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a herniated disk, and at one point a neurosurgeon told me I should be on the lookout for “foot flop”. This is when the nerves in the leg go numb to the point where the foot literally drags on the ground and, he explained, that surgery was imminent and unavoidable. I was fairly freaked out. An alternative therapy was an epidural injection of steroids which, after just one treatment, did provide relief.

I knew that a lifestyle change was in order and fortunately, I was able to rehab my own back without ever going under the knife, thanks to a ton of flexibility work and some intelligent abdominal training. Once you rupture a disk you can rehab to a remarkable degree, but it’s something you always have to be cautious about.

Anyway, in the last few years since I started to use core training methods, and not just the traditional “bodybuilding-style” routines, I’ve seen a greater improvement in my lower low back than ever before. If you haven’t started doing any ball work or core training yourself, I would definitely urge you to look into it.

The reason I’m mentioning core training today is because of the availability of home core fitness programs that do not have to break the bank. In fact there are unique programs available that do not focus on traditional advise such as killing yourself with mind numbing sit ups and crunches.

Looks for programs that offer levels to progress through, as not all of us are ready for the more advanced core training techniques. Level progression from beginner up to “athlete” is ideal. Note that some of the exercises are a lot more challenging than they look in the pictures. You have to try them to appreciate them. Many of them can be done with just your body weight. Others require a stability ball (swiss ball), and a handful can be done with a cable apparatus you’d find in any gym.

So get started on a program that creates core fitness through a workout program that will flatten your abs and reduce lower back pain.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/workout-exercises-to-flatten-abs-achieve-core-fitness-and-reduce-lower-back-pain-133661.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #133661)

R. Adam Shore
About the Author:

R. Adam Shore is an active fitness enthusiast, freelance reviewer and writer. To learn more visit Firm And Flatten Your Abs link at Physical Fitness Articles, home to over 4000 Fitness articles from over 1500 authors.


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/workout-exercises-to-flatten-abs-achieve-core-fitness-and-reduce-lower-back-pain-133661.html

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Most Products that are marketed to flat stomach and six packs are usually in the form of a pill, known as weight loss pills. “Truth About Six Pack Abs” reveals that you do not need weight loss pills to lose weight, but you do need sound nutritional habits.


what exercise plan has worked the best for you to help reduce fat, and tone your body?

Question by icecoldtears4321: what exercise plan has worked the best for you to help reduce fat, and tone your body?
what are some successfull ways to lose a lot of weight that you maybe have used. what kind of plan did you use, like when did you exercise and for how long, what type of exercises, and when did you eat, and what kind of food did you eat?

Best answer:

Answer by pink.cutie
You can lose weight by jogging, walking, running for 1 hour or 2 (or less than that), eat three times a day but the right kind of food like fruits and veggies. Avoid eating junk foods and drinking soft drinks.

What do you think? Answer below!

Green Cooking Tips – How to Cook Greener, Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green Cooking Tips – How to Cook Greener, Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Living a greener life is not only good for the planet’s health, it’s good for your health and the health of your family. Maintaining a bright green kitchen – in terms of energy efficiency and energy use, not color – can reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also help you feed your family a healthier, more delicious diet. The way that you shop, cook, serve and clean up after serving meals all contribute to creating not just a healthy kitchen but a bright green kitchen.

Shopping Tips for a Greener Kitchen Buy local when you can. It means less fuel was used to transport your food, and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Shop at farmers’ markets. You know you’re buying locally, and contributing to the local economy as well. Keeping local farmers in business is good for everyone. Skip “serving size packs” of food and buy in bulk. It reduces the amount of trash going into the landfills. Bring your own bags. Every plastic bag you don’t use is one less bag in the trash. For an added bonus, many stores will take 5-10 cents off your grocery bill for every bag you bring. Look for the recycle symbol on products that you buy in plastic bottles to make sure you’re buying containers that can be recycled. Green Cooking Tips Raw foods use no energy at all in preparation. Serve fruits and vegetables au naturel as snacks and desserts. Use the right size burner for your pots and pans. Don’t put a small pan on a large burner – it wastes up to 40% of the energy used to heat the burner. Think small. Use the smallest cooking appliance possible when cooking. A full-size oven wastes a lot of energy heating empty space. Try a counter top oven or slow cooker to use less energy when cooking. Skip the food processor and electric mixer for small jobs. Some of the best kitchen appliances use no energy at all – an old-fashioned egg beater, for instance, can whip cream or egg whites with just a little elbow grease. Don’t preheat your oven. Most modern ovens heat quickly enough that preheating is redundant. Serve It Green If you must use disposable dishes and serving ware, use paper which can go into your compost, or look for post-consumer recycled materials. Using fewer dishes means washing fewer dishes – less energy needed for cleanup. There’s no need to dump vegetables from the cooking pot into a serving dish. Garnish food with edible fresh flowers and herbs from your own garden. Gardening is one way to reduce your carbon footprint by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Serve food when it’s ready to avoid having to keep food warm. Green Kitchen Cleanup Tips If you only have a couple of plates and cups, wash them by hand instead of running the dishwasher. When hand-washing, fill the sink instead of washing and rinsing under running water. Compost fruit and vegetable peels and leftovers. Good for your garden, good for the planet. It’s actually kinder to the environment to run the dishwasher for a full load of dishes than to wash them by hand. Recycle as much as possible – glass, cans and cardboard are all recyclable. The more you recycle, the less goes into the landfills to clog up our earth.

Deb Powers is a professional freelance writer who writes often about renewable energy and green craft projects.

Reduce Weight with a well Managed Healthy Meal Plan

Reduce Weight with a well Managed Healthy Meal Plan

3 Simple, Healthy Meal Plans You Can Start Right Now

Is it possible to put together a simple and healthy meal plan?  One that is not going to be complicated and hard to follow?  Yes.  It is possible and I will

show you how.   The healthy meal plans below will help you achieve your health goals while simultaneously shedding fat off your body.

Here are 3 healthy meal plans you can get started on right now.


Protein should be included in every meal throughout the day and breakfast is no exception.  Make sure to include organic eggs, cottage cheese, raw nut

butter or smoked fish as one component of your healthy breakfast.  Carbohydrates should also be included in the form of oatmeal, sprouted grain bread,

fruit and/or vegetables.

3 great sample breakfasts are:

Oatmeal with almond butter, topped with fresh berries and a bit of Stevia to sweeten.

2 hard boiled eggs, 1 slice sprouted grain toast and ½ grapefruit

Smoked salmon over sliced tomato and 1 green apple


The same rules apply as breakfast.  An easy way to ensure that you always have a healthy protein available for lunch is to pack leftovers from dinner the

night before.  Leftover hamburger, chicken legs or wild fish are all great to include in a salad or over vegetables.

3 great sample lunches are:

Baked Tilapia over sautéed spinach, green salad with chick peas (oil and vinegar as dressing) followed by  ½ cup of pineapple.

Leftover chicken legs with ½ sweet potato and broccoli.

Lean hamburger over portabella mushroom and brown rice.  Cooked vegetables or a green salad.  1 orange.


You can really be creative with dinner.  Look for recipes that are quick and easy and modify them with your own healthy ingredients as needed.  Again,

always remember to include protein and carbohydrates.

3 great sample dinners are:

Mexican salad: Ground beef over shredded lettuce and tomato, guacamole and brown rice.

Grilled Salmon over asparagus, green salad (oil and vinegar as dressing) followed by a  fresh fruit salad.

Buffalo meat balls over rice pasta with sautéed broccoli.


You never want to let your body get too hungry.  Hunger often leads to binge eating of unhealthy food and makes sticking to a healthy eating regimen

much more difficult.  It’s important to keep snacks handy so you never experience hunger or a blood sugar low without having a healthy option nearby.

3 great snacks are:

2 Tbsp almond butter on ½ apple

Trail mix made up of walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit (no sugar added)

Cottage cheese and pineapple

Incorporate just a few of these meals into your daily eating regimen and you will see an incredible difference in your weight loss results.  Following simple

and healthy meal plans like these is the first step in achieving your health and fitness goals.

To get started right away on your own fat loss goals.


Tips to Reduce the Side Effects of ADHD Medications

Tips to Reduce the Side Effects of ADHD Medications
Simple steps such as changing dinnertime and healthy snacking can help reduce the side effects of ADHD medications.
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The Glutton’s Diet: Weight-Loss Tips from a Food Writer
Since last spring, when I was inching toward three bills, I have lost 22 pounds and have kept them off for four months, all without going near a vegetable or getting up from my chair
Read more on Time.com via Yahoo! News

8 Simple Tips For Fighting Breast Cancer
SANTA ROSA, Calif., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting American women and may lead to more than 38,000 deaths this year. Medical Doctor, Researcher and Cancer expert, Dr. Isaac Eliaz shares 8 simple tips during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you can learn more about treating and preventing breast cancer. Dr. Isaac Eliaz Recommends: Choosing …
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Low Cholesterol Menu – A Great Way To Reduce Cholesterol

Low Cholesterol Menu – A Great Way To Reduce Cholesterol

We all live very busy lives, many of us opt for eating fast food rather than proper meals because it is easier. We do not stop to think of the consequences that our actions lead.

It is, however, worthwhile considering switching to a low cholesterol menu in a bid to maintain proper health.

Fast Foods Are Not A Good Idea When Trying To Lower Cholesterol

It is possible to try and find a low cholesterol menu that has fast foods in it but it will still contain a higher amount of trans fats that will only increase your weight and in the end increase the amount of cholesterol in your body.

You would be better off designing your own low cholesterol menu and this will help you in regards to improving your health. A few ingredients to start off with would be the following:

. Fruit, and pure Fruit juices (Exception to, being avocados). Fruit bars with no added fat nor added nuts appear fine.

. Vegetables and Vegetable juices – steamed, boiled, raw. Can be cooked with a small spray of cooking oil in a pan etc. It’s the fat you add to them that’s the problem.

. Breakfast Cereal products except those with added ingredients for eaxample corn flakes are fine, but with nuts are not fine. Added fruit is fine. Cereal eaten as is or mixed with skim milk or water.

. Baked beans.

. Spaghetti in tomato sauce.

. Pasta.

. Gnocchi (potato or pumpkin).

. Egg noodles,

. White rice. Brown Rice. Barley. Rice cakes or slices

. Bread, Crisp bread, Pita – lebanese, Filo pastry,

. No fat glace or no fat frosting,

. Sauces ( but not tartare ), Light Salad dressing, No fat mayonnaise.

. Spreads: vegemite, promite, marmite, honey, jam, marmalade, fish paste are fine.

. Soups – canned and packet varieties ( but not creamed, nor ones mixed with whole milk ), any that are fat free.

. Plain popcorn (no added fat nor oil), jelly desserts.

. Most non-alcohol beverages and drinks are fine (except those that have milk or ice cream added)

. Non fat milk or skim milk. Low fat soy drinks. Yacult. Non fat or skim yoghurts. 99% fat free cheese.

. Gelati – non milk. Fruit Ice confections – non-milk types.

. Cheddar cheese – for some reason still unknown, does not appear to increase cholestrol, even though it should!

. Egg White.

. Cooking oil spray – 1 second spray – but only because very little oil is used in a 1 second spray. So you still need to watch how much you spray on.

. Biscuits : Plain cracker biscuits, Ginger Nut, Marie – but always check the label to make sure.

. Lollies: Sugar and or gelatine one, like jubes, snakes – but the calorie count is high.

Remember though, that on a low cholesterol diet, you still have to monitor the size – nearly everything has some calories ( kilojoules).These foods can be eaten freely ( but always check food composition to make sure as, some people or companies may have different ingredients in their food)

You need to follow your low cholesterol menu by drinking adequate amounts of water which not only makes you feel full, but also helps to fight off bad cholesterol as well.

You can find places online that will provide recipes for your low cholesterol menu if you have trouble creating your own. When you have made the change you will see a difference in your body, you will find noticeable improvement in your immune system and your body too will feel a lot better.

For more information on how to reduce and control your cholesterol please visit: http://www.yourcholesteroldiet.com

Healthy Diet Tips Which Help to Reduce Fat

Healthy Diet Tips Which Help to Reduce Fat

US: Heart Disease is a higher cause of Death in United State of America, but now people can reduce our fat thought healthy diet.

Obesity Creates A Trouble In Your Mind,Visit http://www.healthuse.com/2010/02/healthy-diet-tips-which-help-to-reduce-fat/

Here are some interesting tips to reduced your fat

* Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods.
* Avoid all of those foods which may have high salt and sugar.
* Choose lean, healthy proteins, such as chicken or turkey without the skin, fish, nuts and beans.
* Take minimum cholesterol in your daily diet; get some meats, pork and sausage.
* Avoid all kinds of fast food, Desserts, Creamy Food, Butter; Fatty Meats all these items help you to reduce your fat.
* Choose healthy proteins diet, such as chicken, fish, beans, nuts and fruit juices.

Reducing fat in your diet doesn’t mean you will face a life of tasteless dry meals and fat-free cookie boxes in your cupboards. Whether you need to lose weight or just trim the fat, the following steps will help you achieve your dietary goals.

You need to have some fat in your diet. The ones that are best for you are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which come from plant sources like peanuts and olives. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a physician or other health care professional before engaging in any activity related to health and diet. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Looking For Obesity Tips,Hit The Link http://www.healthuse.com/category/weight-loss/

www.healthuse.com: Health Use is a web site for all kinds of health and fitness related information,  i start my web site on 3rd Aug 2008, and i hop visitor will get the information which they are looking for,  I update my web site 8 to 12 time in a month, just because people get more information related health and fitness.
Healthuse also have PPP (Pay per Post) facility, its mean people can also earn money from Healthuse.com

Let Me Explain
* Register your free account in Healthuse.com
* And start sharing you opinion as a post on web site
* You will earn .50 cent on every each post, its mean if you write 6 post in a day then you will be earn
* Payment Mode is Paypal, Register your account today and sent your paypal id to mail@healthuse.com
* Weekly payout