A bowl full of reds

A bowl full of reds
Easy Healthy Meals
Image by The Dance of Life by D’ Image Miner ~ Lisa 1377
What if summer never ended?

Imagine, all year of summer. I don’t know if I will feel elated or bored thinking about a year of summer. Albeit I love summer, the last few days I don’t think I can stand the heat; it’s way too much for me. I love week-end; lives slow down and let us catch our breath. We have time to exhale. Time, perhaps. For a lingering kiss. Time to sit down for a leisurely meal, eating good food with family and friends. Week-ends are so important, when the days go longer, the air is warmer, and the sun shines brighter, no wonder it’s easier to get inspired & motivated. And no surprise a healthier lifestyle beckons…