Are there any coupon sites that do not require a cell phone or downloading a program?

Question by Bluegenes77: Are there any coupon sites that do not require a cell phone or downloading a program?
The various coupon sites I’ve visited (HEB, Kroger, etc) require a cell phone (probably a smart phone, which I don’t have). They also require you to download a program my virus scanner thinks is suspicious. Are there any sites with coupons on common items that don’t require this?

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Answer by Geek mom
All the usual ones ( for example) pretty much need a downloader. It’s not a program really, just something they use to make sure you have a limit of printable coupons. The only ones that MAY not require a program may be Walgreens, CVS, that sort of stuff. Oh! And ‘liking’ Facebook page deal coupons I don’t think require programs!

Edit: A lot of stores also have coupons and deal papers right by the front. Generally on your right hand side within 10 feet of the door. You cna just grab some of those and save the papers!

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Occupational health and safety management program at Georgian college good or bad?

Question by : Occupational health and safety management program at Georgian college good or bad?
I am interested in this program but wanted some feedback from those of you who have done or knows someone who has and if you can help me by giving some feed back on this program. THANKS

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Answer by jpturboprop
The program is good, but the reputation of the program is almost nonexistent, which is far worse than a bad reputation would be. You will become an ambassador for the program, and have to defend it the rest of your career. Good luck!!

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Health Program Planning: An Educational and Ecological Approach

Health Program Planning: An Educational and Ecological Approach

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Mommy & Me Class, Healthy Start Program

Mommy & Me Class, Healthy Start Program
Healthy Options
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