What kind of exercise is alright for a pregnant woman to do?

Question by mikewz82: What kind of exercise is alright for a pregnant woman to do?
Is it alright for a pregnant woman to work out at all? I’m guessing it probably shouldnt be too strenuous. Does anyone have any health tips or good nutrition facts for a women while she’s pregnant?

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Answer by 3B4
Walking is the best exercise and you are right-nothing too strenuous like running or lifting weights.I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and walking is enough to keep me fit.

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Healthy inexpensive food ideas for a pregnant woman and her husband?

Question by : Healthy inexpensive food ideas for a pregnant woman and her husband?
I need some ideas for easy recipies that myself and my husband could benifit from (I am pregnant as well).

We are pretty low on money right now, with the baby coming, so if you have recipies that contain little or no meat would be great. Also, we dont eat pork.

Otherwise, if any of you have a tasty, simple, healthy dinner idea, Id love to hear it!

Thanks in advanced!

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Answer by awommack

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