What’s the best supplemental weight loss pill to go with a diet and exercise plan?

Question by lovesgreys6789: What’s the best supplemental weight loss pill to go with a diet and exercise plan?
I’m going on a diet and will be doing an exercise plan along with my diet. Has anyone had success with a certain weight loss pill like Hydroxycut or something? I’m just looking for something that is supplemental because my main plan is diet and exercise but I’m looking for something that will give me another little boost. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Answer by Fountain of youth
You don’t need pills at all! Your current weight is probably from YEARS of eating meats, dairy, and processed foods so it is impossible to lose weight overnight. However you can lose weight and be completely slim, trim and lovely before the summertime. Here’s how you do it. Get mad! Hate your weight! Look in the mirror and promise to never look like that again. Take pictures of your body so you can compare the before and after pictures. The next step is to attack the fat! Abandon all meats, dairy, candy and processed foods. Easier said than done right? Now let me show you how to eat and exercise to have a new life! These are suggestions, you can taylor your own schedule and habits because you can’t go wrong with this lifestyle diet

Get a Jack la lane or similar juicer! Can’t stress enough the importance of this!

Here’s your new shopping list to turn your life around. This is ALL you’re going to put into your body

1 vegetables (include carrots, peppers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, basil, cucumbers and avocados among your other favorites)
2 fruits (include apples, oranges, bananas, pears, lemons among your favorites)
3 organic wheat tortillas
4 brown rice
5 oatmeal
6 raw organic honey
7 organic raisin bread or other preferred but must be organic
8 olive oil
9 sea salt
10 Organic brown sugar
11 raisins or other dried fruit of your choice

This is all you will put into your body and plenty of water! Nothing else!

Morning breakfast

One slice of organic bread and juice 3 oranges and add a piece of banana into the juicer too or oatmeal soaked in wate the night before and add raisins and have your pure glass of OJ in the juicer


Wheat tortilla with brown rice, garden vegetable mix and avocado
Olive oil, sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice or an organic sandwich with veggies and avocado


Salad with olive oil and sea salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice and a glass of carrot, apple and parsley juice


Peel an orange or cut an apple into pieces and dip in raw honey and enjoy

Bonus recipe……organic lemonade

gallon of water
10 squeezed lemons
Jar of raw organic honey
Stir chill and drink all day and even boil as tea before bed

In between all this you can eat all the fruits and vegetables yo want and drink plenty of water.

Final tip……weigh yourself before beginning the diet…..and don’t look at the scale for a month! Or you will drive yourself crazy. Mark your calendar to weigh yourself in 30 days
Walk every day, dance, laugh, run, exercise
Put up pictures of slim trim women on your wall…..motivate yourself! Tell yourself you will be as great or better looking than the women in those pictures. Envision your body being like that everyday!
SLEEP! You must get plenty of sleep! At least 7 hours a night!

Now that you’re doing the diet here’s what you can expect to feel…..Withdrawal symptoms, fatigue, some pain, etc. Don’t despair……your body is healing itself of years of toxins and it is normal to feel this way. If you felt bloating before the bloating feeling will disappear in about 3 days

Lookup Vegan diets and discover many more recipes for a life change

The fountain of youth is inside if you. It’s your colon. Keep it clean and you will live a quality,abundant and healthy lifestyle!

Best wishes!

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