Recipes for kids that are picky? Any suggestions?

Question by big booty mama: Recipes for kids that are picky? Any suggestions?
Do you have any quick and easy recipes for picky kids? Please share all suggestions are appreciated.

I have one that my son loves to share with all of you.

1 hot dog bun
Cheese Wiz
Bacon Bits

spread cheese on bun and sprinkle bacon bits over top this is refered to as a cheese strings by my son. He just loves them.
Sorry I should have been specific, I am looking for dinner ideas. We have the snacks down pat.

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Answer by Tayler B
grilled cheese
everyone loves both of those!

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What are really healthy dinners for picky eaters?

Question by : What are really healthy dinners for picky eaters?
Im 13 and starting a diet. Im really picky. I dont like eggs, beans, cheese. and i dont like asparagus califlower, brussle sprouts, or squash.
What are some healthy dinners i can make under 400-500 calories?

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Answer by Bert
Load up some spring mix (salad) with toppings you DO like and use a light dressing. Ken’s steakhouse makes some really good light dressings.

Oven bake lean chicken, pork or fish. Have it with a side salad, steamed broccoli, tomato and cucubmer salad, collard greens, sauteed or steamed cabbage, a small serving of roasted red taters, cut up fruit, green beans, corn on the cob, an artichoke, mushrooms (stuffed with pesto or sun dried tomato?), steamed or raw carrots….

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What are some healthy cheap family meals for picky children?

Question by Elizabeth C: What are some healthy cheap family meals for picky children?
My husband needs to eat better and get weight down (too much buying fat-food for lunch at work–we’re changing that). Our kids are small and skinny and picky eaters. Husband and I would like to eat better and are tired of the only foods our kids seem to like–pasta (ravioli, spaghetti, fettucine, and macaroni and cheese), PBJ sandwiches, pizza, and fruit. Don’t get me wrong, we like these things but our kids make it hard to eat anything else. My two daughters will eat meat, my son won’t unless it is a chicken nugget or he’s starving to death. My daughters will eat some veggies but the only one I’ve gotten my son to eat is corn. I need ideas on meals that are kid-friendly, healthy, and cheap to make.

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Answer by georgia_peach
I thought I had ideas after reading your question. Then when I read the details I realized I don’ t think I can help you because those would have been my food suggestions.

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Meal planning site for picky eaters?

Question by rybo510: Meal planning site for picky eaters?
Is there a good site for meal planning for a large family (7) of picky eaters? Does this site also have menu ideas? TIA

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Answer by viv
It is called “at the dinner table with a piece of paper and a pencil”. Everyone has to write down what kind of food that they like and what they are going to make one day a week. Everyone can cook one day a week. NO one is allowed to make things that all kids hate like liver or stuffed peppers or eggplant or zucchini but everyone has to participate or go hungry.

there are tons of cookbooks to buy about 3 and 4 and 5 ingredient recipes – Rachel Ray has a magazine that has tasty recipes that should please everyone.

Just be thankful that you do have the food to eat. There are 2 billion people in the world who are in danger of not living because of lack of food and bad water.

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