Introducing the New Center Pet Pharmacy Pet Blog

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 15, 2009

The Center Pet Pharmacy team is excited to introduce their highly anticipated Center Pet Pharmacy Blog, a new feature on

This new addition to the Center Pet Pharmacy site is an informative and entertaining blog about pet medications, pet care, and of course the pets themselves. Customers and friends can get involved in the fun by submitting pictures and stories about their pets to be posted on the blog.

The blog will feature different types of posts, from helpful articles on pet medications to funny videos and pictures of staff and customer pets. Every week there will be a new featured pet, as well as advice on training pets, medicine administering techniques to prevent scratches, bites and general trauma to the pet,and more. Articles on pet diseases and treatments, health tips, stories about brave or clever pets, funny videos and pictures, recipes for tasty and healthy pet treats, giveaways, worthy charities, and much more.

Customers can get involved too by sharing their great pet stories, funny videos, cute pictures of their pets, and anything else they would like to submit. Fans of Center Pet Pharmacy can also become Facebook fans and follow @CenterPet on Twitter.

Visit the Center Pet Pharmacy blog today.