G-Loc Tires, 2.8″ On-Road Performance from JConcepts

2.8″ On-Road Performance from JConcepts. There is a new 2.8″ tire on the block and all-out speed rests in its DNA. In Aeronautics, G-Loc is the moment where consciousness is lost. The G-Locs 2.8″ tire, by JConcepts is where consciousness begins. The super low-profile, aggressively treaded tire is purpose built for those aggressive speed-runs and specifically for vehicles capable of high-voltage or high-horsepower fun. G-Locs are competition inspired from the ground up to perform straight out of the package. Deep G-Loc tread-depth and style provides the healthy footing for maximum durability and ground pounding asphalt traction. Thick, reinforced tire carcass, with internal overlapping X-braced ribbing provides unparalleled support, reducing unwanted tire expansion, for gained high-speed control. G-Locs, are manufactured using the exclusive ROAR National Championship winning yellow compound for the best gripping performance. The 2.8″ G-Locs provide elements that combine light-weight, performance and durability with the inclusion of Profiled closed cell inserts. The highly successful insert material made it’s fame on the 1/8th off-road racing circuit and now into the JConcepts 2.8″ line. Feel at ease while doing high-speed runs with the durability and performance of the closed cell material which provides durability and feel when others run short. The low-profile diameter tire body profile with hefty G-Locs tread, together with the durable Profiled closed cell inserts has
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Brooke Griffin Fitness Universe Guest Performance

Fitness Expert Brooke Griffin is a guest performer at the fitness america show in Las Vegas. Brooke Griffin is a fitness expert, wellness coach, and currently the Fitness Universe Champion. Brooke enjoys sharing fitness tips, wellness articles, and her fit and fabulous recipes on her website at www.brookegriffin.com
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Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance

Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance

The SaS model uses the path of least resistance to help you achieve sustainable lifestyle change, so the process requires as little will-power as possible. Too tired to exercise this week? That’s fine, work on our sleep instead.  Not really interested in watching what you eat today? Try some mood-boosters in the meantime.  

Whether you want something short and sweet or complete and thorough, you can have it your way. With very short and easy to digest chapters, SaS is entirely customizable so you can decide what you want from it. But don’t be fooled by how simple things look: lots of scientific and empirical research went into each section to insure you the best results possible.  
SaS also makes you a co-author by giving you ample space to record your own experiences and observations as you go along.  Enough people tell you what you should and shouldn’t do already! SaS doesn’t preach, and respects your ability to choose what tickles your fancy and suits your lifestyle.  

Because it is full of questions and activities, SaS is also an excellent tool for wellness coaches to use with clients.

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DietMaster 2100 Plus Nutrition Software – Performance Edition Diet Software, Awarded 2011 Best Diet Software – Top Ten Reviews

  • Loaded with ready-to-print performance meal plans & grocery lists for the amateur athlete
  • Log food intake and log exercise to calculate calorie consumed vs. burned.
  • Food database contains 13,000 selections including fast foods and coffee, or add your favorites.
  • Keep track of body symmetry measurements, body weight and body fat.
  • Rank and track your overall fitness condition with the Fitness Assessment Module

DietMaster 2100 is like having your own private sports nutrition counselor! Enter your personal profile to calculate your calorie needs and select from ready-to-print performance meal plans and grocery lists designed by our team of professional athletes and registered dietitians. DietMaster 2100 also provides you the ability to analyze your eating habits to identify caloric intake and nutrient deficiencies. Set your goal weight and estimate the date you will reach your goal. Track your body symmetry measurements including arms, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs and more. Use the Body Composition screen to save historical body weight and body fat data and graph progress over 3 months, six months or one year. The new DietMaster 2100 Plus edition includes a Fitness Assessment Module for evaluating ones overall fitness condition including cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and body composition. Registered Dietitians note about the meals included in this program: The performance menus provide high quality whole grain and vegetable foods for optimum performance needs. The average macronutrient ratio for the 7-day period is 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat. The templates also offer a daily average intake of 40 grams of dietary fiber. High fiber levels will minimize body fat storage and stabilize glucose thus stabilizing blood sugar levels within the body to maximize sustained energy levels. *IMPORTANT: DietMaster 2100 series of products is NOT designed for professional use. Specific personal profile data cannot be changed once entered (e.g. birth date, gender).

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Price: $ 59.95



  • ACCURATE TO 0.2 /0.1.

MARK OF FITNESS MF-16 INFRARED EAR THERMOMETER.SWITCHABLE /.ACCURATE TO 0.2 /0.1.RESULTS IN 1 SEC.BACKLIT FOR DARK ROOMS.Exceptional customer service and unparalleled product expertise. SWIVEL TIP.

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Sports Performance: Your Essential Guide On How To Accelerate Your Performance In Sports With Regular Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits And Enough Rest … Exercises To keep The Body Sports-Ready!

Sports Performance: Your Essential Guide On How To Accelerate Your Performance In Sports With Regular Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits And Enough Rest … Exercises To keep The Body Sports-Ready!

Your performance depends upon your conditioning, your skills development, your eating habits and the quantity of rest you get.

Your conditioning must mimic the physical and physiologic requirements of your sport, like speeding up and slowing down, fast changes in direction and executing at high intensities for the length of the event.

In this book, you will find everything you need to know on how to get yourself sports-ready with regular exercise, healthy eating habits and enough rest. You will be provided with essential tips and smart ideas on training exercises and skills development programs to keep you healthy and fit when performing different kinds of sports!

List Price: $ 3.99

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Producers Cancel Wednesday Night “Spider-Man” Performance

Producers Cancel Wednesday Night “Spider-Man” Performance
Wednesday night’s performance of Broadway’s “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” was canceled by producers only a few hours before showtime, as labor officials continued to ensure that new safety measures were put in place in the wake of an actor’s injury.
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‘Spider-Man’ fall caused by human error, union says
The fall that seriously injured an actor in the stage musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” was caused by human error, an actors’ union said Wednesday.
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Will ‘Spider-Man’ go on? Actors back in rehearsal
Safety inspection completed; injured actor undergoes back surgery
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Did you like Teri Hatcher’s performance as “Coraline”‘s Fake/Witch Mom?

Question by Cali: Did you like Teri Hatcher’s performance as “Coraline”‘s Fake/Witch Mom?
I never saw her in anything like this, to me she was excellent.
-What’s your opinion?
-Did you liked “Coraline” the 3-D Animated Movie?
-Did you get great plastic 3-D glasses as we did?

Coraline and her wicked “mom”:

Coraline with her wicked mother, and the “spy” doll:

Ms. Teri Hatcher posing next to “The Good Mother” she also gives voice to:

Best answer:

Answer by Anton
We went to see it with the entire family and everyone loved it.
Yes, Teri Hatcher was very-very good, indeed.
And, yes also to the awesome glasses I hope everyone got.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!