Ideal Meals – Orange Salsa Tilapia – Produce for Kids – Chef Marshall O’Brien, a specialist in healthy cooking, demonstrates how to make Ideal Meals. In this series, Chef Marshall creates Orange Salsa Tilapia. Yum! Produce for Kids encourages healthy eating among families by providing simple, healthy meal solutions and resources for parents, while raising funds for local children’s non-profit organizations. * Produce for Kids’ Ideal Meals offer simple, healthy meal solutions for busy parents through complete meal recipe ideas created by a chef and approved by a nutritionist. * Produce for Kids’ parent resources include Ideal Meals, the Parents on Produce board, a panel made up of busy working parents, helpful Ideal Meal demonstration videos and healthy eating tips and articles. * Produce for Kids hosts two annual campaigns in grocery stores across the country to raise money for local children’s non-profit organizations, while educating families about healthy eating. Produce for Kids provides marketing programs to grocery stores across the country to encourage healthy eating and benefit local children’s non-profit organizations. For more information please visit the Produce for Kids website at http
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Valentine Chocolate Orange Meringue Kisses, Gluten Free! Noreen’s Kitchen Greetings! Happy Valentines Day! Here is another sweet treat that you can whip up in no time. It’s low fat, gluten free, chocolate and just the right little something to say that you were thinking of someone. This is really easy and inexpensive and takes few ingredients. Just the right mouthful for the end of a romantic meal. Very light and just a little bit sweet, these kisses are just the right prelude to the real thing. When you whip a meringue you want to remember to always use room temperature whites, metal utensils and either a glass or stainless steel or copper bowl. Make sure that your equipment is impeccably clean because any trace of oil or fat will cause a problem for your meringue. You can make these as large or as small as you like. As you can see, I made mine tiny. When they were cooled, I put them in a cute little gift bag with a window that I got from Michael’s and closed it with a matching sticker. I will be sharing these with my friends at work. You can get this recipe on my website and print it out for your own recipe box. I hope you try this and I hope you love it. Happy Eating! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Free Coupon for Orange Juice

Free Coupon for Orange Juice
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This free coupon was found on the back of a "value size" package of Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, strawberry flavor. This is a great coupon for a half gallon of Orange Juice up to for free. This is what the back of the coupon looks like with the barcode blacked out. Please feel free to share this image but attribute to Tara Woodbury,

Healthy Cooking Recipes for the Whole Family : Low Fat Orange Chicken Recipe for the Whole Family

Learn how to make low fat orange chicken for your family in this free instructional video on low fat cooking recipes the whole family can enjoy.Expert: Linda Leon Bio: Linda Leon was a professional cake decorator for a number of years. She learned the trade from her mother and later attended cake decorating school to further develop the skill. Filmmaker: Linda Leon
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Gourmet touch comes to Orange school cafeterias for healthier, tastier meals

Gourmet touch comes to Orange school cafeterias for healthier, tastier meals
Central Florida chefs will bring their talents to Orange schools to create healthier – and tastier – meals for students On a hot June afternoon, Orlando chef Bryan Frick sat outside the White House with hundreds of other chefs as First Lady Michelle Obama urged them to put their cooking talents to work in her campaign to combat childhood obesity.
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Business : Patil encourages investors to be part of India’s growth
DUBAI — Investors from the UAE can take part in the growth story of India, which is currently one of the hottest destinations in the world for foreign direct investments, Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on Thursday.
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BLACK FRIDAY: On your mark. Get set. Shop!
Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving — also known as Black Friday — shoppers rush around frantically trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list.
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Orange Almond Muffin in a Minute

Orange Almond Muffin in a Minute
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This literally takes 30 seconds of prep and 1 min to cook.

4 tablespoons flax meal
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 packet sweetner
1 egg
1 tsp butter
a few drops orange extract
2-3 tblsp slivered almonds

In a coffee mug, mix dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and mix very well. Microwave for about 1 minute. (Mine took 1:15). Go around rim of muffin with a knife to loosen from mug. Serve with butter and whatever else you like on your muffins.

This is so fast, easy, and tasty. Lots of fibre, calcium, iron, protein, and a lot of other good stuff. This little muffin keeps you going until lunch. Its very versitile; i’ve made it with blueberries which is yummy. Next I;m gonna try a 1/2 flax 1/2 almond flour mix. mmmmm….

(I cut my muffin in 1/2 in picture shown above. Both halves = 1 serving)