What are some healthy dinner options?

Question by sillykitty1616: What are some healthy dinner options?
Im starting a diet, where i only eat 1300-1600 calories a day, and need some help on healthy dinner ideas. I have already found what im going to eat for breakfast and lunch, i just need some dinner ideas. I can cook ok, but i cant make things that require to many expensive ingredients. So does anyone have some healthy and relatively cheap dinner ideas? Thanks for answering!

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Answer by One girl revolution
Healthy yummy meals. try this site.

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ERGO Baby Carrier – Options

ERGO Baby Carrier – Options

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  • Shoulder straps: Padded with 1″ high-density premium foam expanding from 24″ to 45″. Waist strap: Padded with 1.4″ high-density EVA foam expanding from 26″ to 49″. Chest strap: Sliding adjustment,Small zippered stuff pouch doubles as Sleeping Hood storage when unzipped and large zippered storage pocket holds your wallet keys and mobile phone

Enjoy. Create. Explore. The ergobaby Options carrier comes in black and is designed to be transformed. Change the look of your carrier in a snap with a variety of fashion covers that snap on to change the look of things. As with all ergobaby carriers, it keeps baby safe, close and comfortable while providing you freedom of movement The Bold pack includes colorful, brightly decorated covers. The India pack features elegant, exotic prints. The African Kingdom Collection allows you to purchase either a bold Zebra pattern or a warm Giraffe print. The Floral collection allows you to purchase either a modern Swirl pattern or an earthy Tapestry patter. Each cover attaches easily to the black carrier so you can change your look as often as you’d like.

List Price: $ 104.69

Price: $ 104.69

Radiant Heat and Green Insulation – Eco-friendlier Options

If you want energy efficiency, uniform warmth and freedom from respiratory ailments, hydronic or radiant floor heating is the green way to go. It gently warms a room or structure from the ground up through a series of hot water tubing in the subfloor. What better way to keep it warm and cozy than blue jean insulation? Easy to install, breathable, formaldehyde free and good for the environment. Find out all about these and other healthy choices for you and the planet on Building Green TV.
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What to serve family member who had a heart attack so needs healthy options?

Question by ‘sup: What to serve family member who had a heart attack so needs healthy options?
My mother in law is coming over for a bbq. She had a heart attack and I’m not sure what to feed her because she now eats healthy. Simple ideas??

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Answer by Ali
salads, whole grains, vegetables… healthy food. oh any not so much high fat protein… very important…

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Chinese take out for lunch, healthy options?

Question by Erika B: Chinese take out for lunch, healthy options?
Can anyone offer advice on a healthy option for Chinese take-out? I’m looking for lowest fat, calories, and sodium. I’m mulling over the following choices for lunch today:

Ginger Chicken
Chicken w/Broccoli
Chicken or Pork Lo Mein
Szechuan Beef


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Answer by Anna
Go for Chicken with brocolli (chicken is leaner than pork and the fact that brocolli is a veggie counts as healthy) and instead of getting the rice go for the steamed veggie, drop the lo-mein or rice and no sodas go for water!!!.. Happy Eating

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