Never stop drinking… water!

Never stop drinking… water!

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It is (or should be) well known that it is important to drink water before, after and … while doing sport.

Among all the things sport (and namely capoeira) taught me, what I keep in mind for my every day life is to drink drink drink (and water preferably…;-))

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How do I get a six pack? I want answers from people who never had it before and was able to work to get one..?

Question by David: How do I get a six pack? I want answers from people who never had it before and was able to work to get one..?
Any suggestions? What’s the best advice to getting a six pack? Diet tips and Fitness tips a PLUS!

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Answer by CW
Alright man, many things factor into obtaining a six-pack. The fact is though, you already have a six-pack (everyone does). It’s just covered by fat (either a thin layer, or a huge stack).

So, the first important aspect is diet. You MUST eat right to obtain the best results. No more greasy, fast food shit. You need alot of whole grain foods (wheat, cereals, oats, ect.), next you will need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and of course good quality protein (chicken, nuts, fish, hell even a protein shake), and NO SODAS whatsoever… water, water, and more water. Try to eat 6 small meals a day (this will boost your metabolism and help you loose that layer of fat over your abs)

Next, Fitness. You will need to do alot of cardio exercise to help you loose some weight around the waist. Run, treadmill, stair climber, ect. Along with that you will need good core workouts (body planks, sit ups, push ups, and crunches. Remember sit ups alone won’t get you anywhere. You have to do alot more workouts than just sit ups.

Keep up with the exercise routine and diet, and please be patient. Results won’t happen over night.

Best of luck! 🙂

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4 HEALTH Foods Women Should NEVER EAT (Good Diets Gone BAD)

Ask your questions on FB- Follow on Twitter- FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- [WEBSITE] http [SEE ALL MY VIDEOS] [MY OTHER FITNESS CHANNEL] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [FREE MALE FAT LOSS] [FREE FEMALE FAT LOSS] http [WEAR MY CLOTHES] 4 Foods Women SHOULD AVOID EATING Heyyyyyyyyyy. *Cough* Today I’m going to teach you about 4 foods you think are good at getting you sexy but do ANYTHING but. Whole-Grain Bagels, Breads and Pasta- Sprouted grain Ezekiel bread Carbs are your enemies ladies and the refined breads, pastas and the like have too many of them. They will quickly spike your insulin which will send a signal to your body to store fat. If you have to eat bread, go with the best, sprouted grain Ezekiel bread, its gluten free, high in fibre and protein and actually pretty good for you. Frozen Yogurt- Greek Yogurt Oh but it has YOGURT in the title, it has to be good right? Most commercial yogurt isn’t yogurt, its processed sugar fat thats goopy shit. And frozen yogurt is full of sugars and without the main benefit of yogurt: the healthy bacterial cultures. Stick with greek yogurt or Goat yogurt and add REAL fruit if you want. Sushi- Shashimi BONZAI. Sushi seems so healthy, I mean its meat, veggies and a little rice, right? WRONG. The average restaurant Stick to the real healthy stuff, shashami, that raw fish, thats the good

Women Fitness Training – Avoid the #1 Reason You’ll Never Attain A Flawless Figure Uncover The #1 Reason You’re Cheating Yourself Out Of A Body That Radiates With Confidence & Not Experiencing The Intelligent Way To All-Out Fat Burning… … And What To Do About It To Max Out Your Workouts, Break Limitations, Turn Heads & Control Every Curve On Your Body – Starting Today! ========== A cut to the chase article delivered by female fitness expert Flavia Del Monte — Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Masters Level Nutrition Certification ========== Hi Friend and Fitness Enthusiast! Whether you just decided to venture into the weight room or you have been a long time fitness buff, this must be said first… It’s not your fault you’re struggling to get a lean, strong and fit physique, despite all your efforts. Come on, you don’t have to look far before being bombarded with the next outrageous “Hollywood Diet” endorsed by PAID celebrities who’ll tout just about anything for the right amount of money… Or the latest “health & fitness” magazine announcing how to “get amazing abs in 1-week” so you’ll buy a copy of their cleverly disguised supplement catalog to sell you their next weight loss gimmick… We both know there is no shortage of ludicrous crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and stupid colon cleanses flying off the shelves –being sold to desperate and uneducated people – despite being downright frauds, ineffective and damaging to your health. These weight loss scams

What are some quick and healthy meals for someone who never has the time or the desire to cook?

Question by Rachael T: What are some quick and healthy meals for someone who never has the time or the desire to cook?
I am sick of eating fatty, salty microwave meals.

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Answer by CLICKHEREx
The earlier blogs of Shan Eris cover this topic: see Also:

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A cookbook ‘like you’ve never seen’

A cookbook ‘like you’ve never seen’
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer , Gigi Centaro has created “Let’s Cook Tonight,” which is “Real Food,” “Real Flavor” and “Real Easy.”
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Nov. 6 oHorse show: The Gleneayre Farm will host an Open Horse Show, starting at 8 a.m., in Lumberton. Proceeds will benefit the Gleneayre Equestrian Program. Call 609-267-4104.
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5 Foods I Will Never Eat On A Vegan Raw Food Diet, Ep171

There are 5 foods that even though they are raw vegan, I won’t eat. Not everything sold at the health food store is healthy!!! Find out which ones they are!! www.rawradianthealth.comFREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: Acne Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to:
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Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work and Never Will (Don’t Starve or Crash Diet) Make sure to subscribe and go to the above link to get all the information on health and wellness by fitness expert Omar Isuf! Like long distance relationships, crash diets never work and in this video I explain WHY, check it out: Heres a great summary of the video: A common question I get is “I have a “insert important event like a wedding” coming up and I need to lose weight fast, what do I do?” I’ll tell them to eat a smart meal plan, work out intensely and be consistent and results will follow. However most people ignore that and just decide to crash diet anyways. And this is the problem. Crash Diets DON’T Work. But Why Don’t They? I mean if losing weight is all about eating fewer calories than you burn, why not just eat next to nothing? In other words, if its calorie in vs calorie out, why not eat next to nothing? Shouldn’t you lose a crazy amount of weight if you eat less than an anorexic supermodel? The answer is you won’t young grasshopper and heres why. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function on a day to day basis. Lets say 1500 calories. As soon as you eat less than that, your body enters starvation mode. Starvation mode is when your body panics, spazzes out and starts storing all calories you eat. Fat loss shuts down, and so does anything that doesn’t involve keeping you alive, including your mojo (YUCK). To get its needed calories, your body can either breakdown muscle or fat. Of the two, your body would love to breakdown your