Drinking water in Mugunga camp, eastern DRC

Drinking water in Mugunga camp, eastern DRC
Image by Oxfam International
A woman drinks water collected at an Oxfam water pipe in Mugunga I camp near the city of Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tens of thousands of Congolese have fled recent fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, seeking refuge in camps near the city of Goma.

Oxfam has been providing live-saving aid in three camps around Goma since July 2012, piping and trucking clean water to people who had fled the fighting. We have built latrines and installed sanitation services, as well as providing cash distributions to help people buy food.

Oxfam also works in several areas across the North and South Kivu provinces, providing water and sanitation, and helping communities get their rights to adequate protection.

More than 2.5 million people are now displaced in Congo – with more than 760,000 displaced since the beginning of 2012 in the Kivus.

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Photo: Eddy Mbuyi/Oxfam, January 2013