Stacey Hawkins Time Savor Gourmet makes Shrimp with Fennel, Tomatoes & Feta Medifast (r) Lean Green

Join Stacey Hawkins the Time Savor Gourmet as she makes a quick, easy, healthy and delicious recipe perfect for a family meal or dinner on the go. This meal is a Lean, Green and Low Carbohydrate meal and qualifies under the Medifast (r) program. This video features Wild Caught shrimp sauteed in Roasted Garlic Oil with fennel, sun dried tomatoes, Time Savor Gourmet herbs and feta cheese. For the recipe, visit the website,

MTV Makes Brooke Dragon Into A Bikini Model –

See Brooke’s full story here: MTV chose Brooke Dragon to be Made into a bikini model, but Brooke did the work. Follow her from the gym to the stage and discover how a model is made! Brooke Dragon may sound like a fairytale name, but this 19-year-old college student is real, down-to-earth, and motivated to help people change their lives. She’s also the subject of an episode of MTV’s Made, a show that helps people transform dreams into reality. Made challenges people to #dreambigger. Brooke Dragon accepted that challenge. Brooke comes from a healthy family, but she’s been never been incredibly fit. She’s struggled with low confidence, bad eating habits, and a rollercoaster body image. Until now, that is. Made has helped Brooke become a competitive bikini model, transforming her body and mind in the process. As Brooke will attest, the confidence and mental strength prove more powerful than any physical transformation. Brooke spent five grueling weeks under the tortuous gaze of her Made coach, IFBB Bikini Pro Tianna Ta. In the end, she competed for the first time, changed her body and life and, to her surprise, inspired her own mother to take the stage.

Finch Farm – Health and Safety Makes Good Business Sense

Many industries are taking on a more holistic approach to health and safety in the workplace and seeing the benefits in increased productivity, greater staff loyalty and reduced injury rates. Farming has long been recognised as a hazard-rich occupation where a sound approach to health and safety can make a real difference to productivity and employee satisfaction. Hayden and Rachael Finch are 50/50 sharemilkers on a 191-hectare dairy farm near Rakaia in Canterbury, milking 725 cows through a 40-bail rotary shed. They have been on the property since 2004 and have signed up for another three seasons, with a plan to buy their own farm after that. They live on the farm with their two young children and employ three full-time staff.
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NZAS – Health and Safety Makes Good Business Sense

An employer that invests time and energy in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for their employees can reap the benefits in a myriad of ways. New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS) has made a significant investment in improving its health and safety performance and serves as a good example of what such an investment can achieve. NZAS converts alumina to primary aluminium products for the domestic and export markets. Situated in Southland on the Tiwai Peninsula near Bluff, NZAS has been operating since 1971. The company employs 787 full-time staff and 133 contractors, and produces approximately 340000 tonnes of aluminium per year.