Bread Lovers Cucumber Salad

Bread Lovers Cucumber Salad
Good Health Tips
Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
Breakfast-Lunch Approx. 10 minutes Fast and Easy serves one

Bread Lovers Cucumber Salad
About Taste ? About Bread ?

Ingredients : of Bread Lovers Cucumber Salad :

One slice of Health Bread ? I will explain at the end of this Recipe what exactly I mean by Health Bread with a short article to support it.

Optional- You can use Brown Rice from your rice cooker to have your Cucumber Salad Mix poured over the rice. Also Recommended

Dairy (preferably raw) Organic Yogurt or Kefir on stand by (I use organic Kefir and will explain why at the end of this recipe)

One Cucumber

A few cherrie tomatoes ( One hand full if you love Tomato?)

One level teaspoon of green powder of Spirulina or any green grass powder will do.(Optional)

Lime or Lemon juice on stand by

Raw unfiltered Honey on stand by

Curry Powder on stand by

(Optional) Red Chili and Garlic powder on stand by

Olive Oil virgin cold pressed in amber glass on stand by

1 whole fresh cucumber

Small hand full of cherry tomatoes

Optional thickener on stand by (ground whole Flax , Chia, or Sesame seed granules) used if you wish to thicken your sauce experience.

Your favorite fresh green salad herbs or leafy green .

Bee Pollen on stand by

Special Gourmet Note: What if I specified a specific leafy green to you and your kitchen did not have it and then you rushed to your local grocery store or stores to find out that the store is out of that specific vegetable , it does happen you know. So I keep all my recipes simple for you to follow and to make your own selected choices in accordance to your specific taste.

I do not feel that it is my place to dictate to you exactly to the last ounce or milometer what you should be exactly using to create these incredibly Healthy and Tasty meal plans.

Instead I encourage you to be creative and to put some excitement and spontaneous surprise into your Gourmet Creations with your signature on it. Its Beautiful and you own it , its yours and I just give you some directional support and inspirational ideas to explore,and to implement thats all.

“May I inspire the Gourmet in YOU”

Bread Lovers Cucumber Salad Mix Method:

In a mixing bowl add the following

½ cup of Organic Dairy Kefir or Plain Yogurt

1 level teaspoon of Spirulina or Grass Powder such as Wheat, Barley,Kamut or any Whole Super Food Green Powder.

1 level teaspoon of Lime or Lemon Juice

1 dollop of raw unfiltered Honey

A pinch of Curry Powder

NOTE: Stir well and taste , You may like it as it is ? Or you can make your necessary adjustments to suite your taste with the above ingredients until that knowing smile spreads across your face from ear to ear.

Remember YOU are Gourmet ! So keep in mind that everyones taste buds are different .

I remember more than 30 years ago when I made my first holiday trip to exotic Thailand , that some of the Thai dishes would burn my mouth off to the amusement of my friends .
Also one Thai man from the North East up country (on a dare) ate a big hand full of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS with a big smile on his face,with out flinching , not one bat of an eye no negative reaction what so ever just every one standing and sitting at the table waiting quietly.The Thai man from the North East just seemed to enjoy it, as every one around the table laughed to my disbelief and amazement.

I could never or want to do what that Thai man did , but over the years my taste buds did change to fancy hot peppery foods but I also noticed on my more natural adopted whole food diet that my taste buds opened up or became awakened ,to the tastes of Sour, Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Tart, and all the flavors in between.
And to top it all off there is one fruit that for years absolutely put the death of fear into my taste buds? And that King of all fruits is the controversial DURIAN.
The taste and smell is so bad to many Westerners, and even some Asians that this fruit is publicly banned from Hotels, Airports,Train and Bus stations or any where that people will gather . And I never see it anywhere on restaurant menus.

For Durian I will later give more detailed Recipes and Health benefits and information guides on one of my future articles. I consider the Durian Fruit with all her spikes to be the most misunderstood and unappreciated natural food on planet Earth.

I never thought that I would ever say it “Dare I say it “One of my most favorite fruits for Good taste and Good Health is Durian!

Today I realize over time that commercially processed foods tasted less appealing to me, and that eating according to NATURE brought back the natural taste to my mouth , and that like others I am sure discovered the goodness and freshness of whole food cuisine ( much of it RAW supported with the Power of Natural Enzymes) to excite , and to bring new meaning to Natural Living , and Abundance of Good Health.

“Back to the Recipe Method”

Pour your mixture onto a plate and dip your health bread into it and with a fork turn the bread over to cover the other side.

Place your coated health bread on a new plate.
Thinly slice one cumber and a hand full of cherrie tomatoes and layer them over your open face sandwich Health Bread.

Optional: To make your bread more spicy and hot you can sprinkle garlic and chili pepper over top.

Your Simple Salad Method:

Collect a handful of your favorite fresh green salad greens and herbs ,give them a good water soak and rinse then with a kitchen knife mince them fine over your cutting board.

Add your greens to a mixing bowl

Add I level teaspoon of Lime of Lemon Juice

Add 1 level teaspoon of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a bit of Raw Unfiltered Honey

Add one level teaspoon of Virgin Cold pressed Olive Oil

Toss the Salad and place beside your Health Bread

Add a Lemon or Lime wedge with a few raw Walnuts in the photo or your favorite nuts?

Method for your Salad Pudding:

Your left over Salad Mix ,Cucumbers ,Cherrie Tomatoes, and a few walnut halves can be added to your bowl and sprinkled with Bee Pollen .( Natures Whole Food Vitamin & Mineral supplement)

Serve and Enjoy

“ Eat with Me “

Barry Gourmet & Raw

“What about Bread & What is considered Health Bread ? “

Most people around the world eat bread , of all kinds at home, at work, in restaurants, schools,airports,hotels,and bakeries,or just about everywhere you can see.

So why do we have a LOVE AFFAIR with Bread?

We have been eating this processed food for centuries and its ingrained into our society and culture today, but a few people notably Holistic Educators and Doctors, Health Advocates, and people in the know have started to look at commercially industrialized bread in a new light .

The bread of yesterday used a much slower and natural method of production, using whole grains,sourdough starters, easts and local herbs.

It is important to note that also the top soils of then where more fertile producing grains of superior nutrition .
Today much of our processed grains are grown on infertile soil that is amended with commercial fertilizers and the grain crop will be most likely treated with pesticides and herbicides on a massive factory scale. Then these grains will be further stripped of nutrients such as the bran, the germ, and the Embryo . The EMBRYO is the essential LIFE FORCE of any seed, legume, nut, grain or plant and even ourselves.

The only thing left is the grains starchy endosperm that is ground into a long shelf life of lifeless dead flour, then later on is consumed by a Living Human Being for what I may ask?

And to top it off the commercial bread makers will add synthetic stabilizers and conditioners that only a rocket scientist would understand. Please keep in mind that some countries will ban the use of certain commercial bread ingredients while other countries think its OK to use . Many commercial synthetic stabilizers and conditioners are banned today in many industrialized countries but used today in developing countries that do not have Government regulation and label enforcement laws.

So what can one do to protect one self ? How can a Bread Lover protect him or her self from such a starchy denatured food item we call Bread today?

Before I give you my best answer to this dilemma I need to address one more important thing.

Most breads today contain wheat which contains GLUTEN from the Latin word “Glue”,
a protein in grains such as Wheat.Wheat related grain species that include Gluten would include Barley,Rye,Kamut,Triticale, and to a lesser extent due to the cross breading of grains Oats.

But not to worry, there is a way to eat the above grains in a safe effective way that never stops me from consuming them on occasion.

That way is through SPROUTING.

What happens when you take a Glutenous Grain and expose it to Air, Water, and Darkness?
A wonderful Life giving phenomenon occurs, forcing the grain to give up its protective enzyme inhibiters ,to release its Gluten, and to germinate its empro ,helping the grain to sprout into a small plant.For instance Wheat berries contain gluten as a grain ,but much less as a sprout ,and non at all as living grass.

Whole wheat bread, contains 3 times more fiber than enriched white bread , but that does not tell us a whole lot when you consider that the refined milled flour is a simple starchy carbohydrate lacking in the essential vitamin E and the Mineral Magnesium among others that supports our immunity . Bread is classified as a simple refined carbohydrate substance that in my opinion cannot be considered real food for sustainable good health.

The Gluten proteins in the above mentioned grains ,cannot be properly digested in people that are afflicted with the disease called CELIAC. Celiac is not easy to diagnose, and many adults today go on with their lives eating Gluten grains in their diet with out symptoms but may still exhibit allergies to the protein.

Continued use of the grains , can cause internal damage to a persons digestive system , causing melabsorption of nutrients, and inflamation of the small intestine. The best way to relieve this problem is to stop eating Gluten Grains including the consumption of commercial bread products and to eat Non Gluten Grains instead.

Non Gluten Grains would include, Amaranth,Buckwheat,Corn,Millet, Quinoa,Rice (Preferably Brown) Sorghum,Teff, and Wild Rice.
When you add seeds, legumes, and nuts to the list above it is not hard to imagine the multitude of delicious Recipes that can be made from this list.

One more point to make that just may raise your eye brows a little? I know mine are raised.
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms ) are primarily in most commercially processed packaged foods that are not labeled what so ever.So by purchasing and consuming commercial bread products you could be unwittingly eating GMO as well.

Bread is really another name used to describe a CAKE. The difference between Cake and Bread is very little when you think about it.
They can be shaped in any manner and both use milled flours, salt,butter or commercial fats, coloring agents,raising agents and the list goes on.

I tell all my Clients wanting to lose excess weight , and for maintaining good health to reduce or eliminate for a time, bread of any kind all together.

OK before all the Commercial Bread Bakers out there start flaming my Email inbox , I will give you my best advise for purchasing your bread product.

For myself I eat bread only on occasion as my diet is primarily whole unprocessed grains.
Sprouted, milled in my country kitchen, and planted in my garden. Most people do not have the time and know how to make their own bread so hear goes.

Barry Gourmet,s Tips for Bread:

Stay away from large mega grocery stores for your bread needs.
These stores will cater to the large food giants , selling white breads, whole wheat breads that may be white breads loaded with caramel food coloring agents to make them look like whole wheat bread. If the ingredient list is long ,put the bread back on the shelf.
If you are shopping in this kind of store look for the family owned bread business , with a proper label adding up to 100 % showing more whole grain ingredients and less flour.

Look for sprouted breads, Dark Sourdough breads ,Multi grain breads,Gluten Free Breads. Breads that use Molasess , Sea Salt, Whole nuts,seeds and Sprouted Grains is a good sign. Some of the Sprouted Breads that are in Health Food Store coolers are a good bet.

Shop for breads at Whole Health Food stores instead , but also support your local bakery
that specializes in whole grain bread production as well. Ask questions to your local baker about how the bread is made and what ingredients go into the making of their bread?
Be proactive about your bread. After all bread has been a stable food for generations, let
us choose our breads wisely , for better health.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

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Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

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Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

By: JohnNeyman

About the Author

John Neyman, Jr., is an Internet Marketer of Leader Excel Solutions, you may contact him at 142 W Jefferson St, Butler, PA (724) 712-9449 or visit this site for more information:

(ArticlesBase SC #1478097)

Article Source: – Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Health Lovers

We know that dieting is a necessary part of losing weight and dieting is all about eating healthy foods, but we still get it wrong primarily because of our lack of knowledge about
the foods we should choose from and eating habits we should adopt.
Easy Veggie meal plans is  your source to helping you discover how to quickly lose weight the healthy way with new simple, easy, and cheap Veggie Meal Plans.

The difference between vegetarian and vegan is that Vegans eat no animal products at all; no eggs, milk, cheese or anything that has been cooked in animal fat. Vegetarians, on the other hand, will generally eat those things, or some plus or minus combination of those things.

Kardena Pauza is a former Ms. Fitness America; she will show you which foods to eat to lose body fat and which ones’ you should avoid. She will also teach you how to get enough complete protein sources so that you can maintain and even build muscle on vegetarian or vegan diet.

With easy veggies meal plan you’ll get a 90-day meal plan for men or women that is full of vegan meals that will save you time and money. It will teach you how to begin a new vegetarian life style.

Some people may struggle when they start a vegetarian diet and even some people reportedly gain weight while starting vegetarian diets but it is all because they don’t know right vegetarian life style. The beginner vegetarians often eat all their meals from boxed foods found in the freezer section at the grocery store, and before they realize it, they gain ugly belly fat from the excess sugar and sodium in those so-called health foods.

She shows you how eating too much meat can be harmful to your body and she also blows the myth away that you cannot satisfy your protein requirements without eating meat. She will tell you that how eating the right vegetarian diet – full of healthy living foods, anti-oxidants, and nutrient-rich meals – will make you have more energy than a teenager, plus the complexion of a cover model and the healthiest body of anyone at any age.

Retrieved from “”

(ArticlesBase SC #1478097)

About the Author:

John Neyman, Jr., is an Internet Marketer of Leader Excel Solutions, you may contact him at 142 W Jefferson St, Butler, PA (724) 712-9449 or visit this site for more information:


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How to check your pet from nose to toes. You can check your pets coat and skin while petting your companion pet, feel for puffiness and scratches, lumps and bumps

Check for burrs that have accumulated on the coat. Check in and behind the ears, between the toes, and around the tail from top to bottom.

When checking the ears does an unpleasant odor exist? Can you see any waxy mess inside? Make sure ears are clean.

Keeping the nails clipped is important. If not kept at the proper length, pet’s claws can grow into its pads. Have your vet show you how if you have never trimmed.

Meds! Never give your pet any medication without the consent of your vet. Many common human drugs (such as Tylenol) are poisonous to pet.

One thing you may want to know more about is what foods are dangerous to your dog.

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Fried foods also fall into this category and are not good to retain maximum health in your dog.

Certain nuts, such as Macadamia nuts and walnuts can cause weakness and muscle tremors.

Peanut butter however is generally okay provided you use the salt and sugar free peanut butter as sugar can encourage cancer growth.

The core and pits of fruits such as Apple’s cherries and peaches contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs and can kill them within 24-hours without warning.

If in doubt, always refrain from feeding your dog foods that we are eating assuming that they will be okay.

What is safe for humans can kill your dog within hours.

Call you’re Vet if any abnormalities are detected during these check.

I hope this helps.

Jack is a 64yr old retired business owner,who was forced into retirement early when he was the victim of a violent crime.Jack found the online world so he could work from home.Its been a long strange trip for Jack ,he loves his dogs and his wife Barb is a dog trainer for 25 yrs. Dont give up until you read this,