Food project 23 – Leftover mini-burritos

Food project 23 – Leftover mini-burritos
Image by dimitridf
23rd instalment in the Food project series

I had some leftovers from project 22 and project 21. I used the remaining Mexican ground soy and the Spanish inspired pilaf rice that I wrapped in some tortillas, I added avocado chunks. Tasty leftover mini-burritos.

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Pic of the day – Leftover Heaven

Pic of the day – Leftover Heaven
Dinner Recipes For Kids
Image by rosefirerising
Can you believe that this is the LEFTOVERS, after we’ve already
finished eating, playing, dessert, etc? Holy ham.

As a single parent living alone with my kid, and facing living alone
ALONE, I’ve come to really appreciate potluck holidays. I’m not the
only person who doesn’t have many relatives near. Because of no car, I
spend most of my nonwork time at home or have to beg rides from people
to get other places I need to go. Without those generous wonderful
friends who open their homes, and cars, to me and who donate their
time to hosting social events and making sure that I am able to get
there, I would be living a very lonely life indeed.

This Thanksgiving weekend has been a model of the reverse. I am
always too tired on Thanksgiving Thursday to actually do the cooking
then, so I plan our family Thanksgiving for Fridays whenever possible.
This allows me to do some of the cooking and cleaning on Thursday, and
has the added benefit of allowing me to visit friends on Thursday. So
this kind generous lady named Joan invited a bunch of us over for
dinner on Thursday. She made most of the dinner (turkey, potatoes,
yams, stuffing, and the lightest most tender delicate
melt-in-your-mouth rolls I’ve had in years, dessert and MORE), while
the rest brought side dishes (relishes, sauces, vegetables, more
potatoes, MORE desserts). My little contribution was my cherry soup,
which I will probably blog elsewhere. Everyone shares leftovers, and I
passed out little jars of various canned goods.

Because of my surgery a few weeks ago, I have not been feeling up to a
lot of cooking, and still felt so rotten last week that I had told my
daughter I could not handle not only the dinner at my house (which we
had planned for) but also could not handle making the pies. This is
huge. I ALWAYS make pies, and I make WONDERFUL pies. Several times my
family back home has offered to simplify dinner by buying frozen pies,
which would provoke me to "have kittens" and make pies anyway, even if
this meant canning the sauce and transporting it in the car driving
over 3 states and making crust when I arrived. So saying I can’t make
pies was huge. Has never happened before. So I did make Chilean Squash
(from the Moosewood recipe) which is really simple and fast, and then
added brussel sprouts with onion and cranberry. Son made mashed
potatoes. It was great to get him involved. We fussed over photos,
reheated dishes, daughter fussed at folks that it was time to eat
(lovely), ate and ate and ate more, cleaned, played videogames,
fiddled with the website for my daughter’s new business, some ate
MORE, packed up leftovers, then finally all crawled to the couches
with the dog and cat and watched silly movies on the television.
Finally, full of food and family feeling and contentment, we all went
to our various homes, where I suddenly realized I was faced with
getting the leftovers in the fridge. Oh my. Leftover heaven. 🙂

Now there are two days left to the weekend, and I am off to friends
again today, more as a gabfest then foodfest, and tomorrow church and
I hope to find someone who is willing to give me a ride to the
Sing-a-Long White Christmas movie showing on campus.