Zucchini and Summer Squash Recipes from The Produce Lady

Hot weather brings us an abundance of summer squash. Yellow crookneck, straight neck, zucchini, pattypan and Mediterranean are some of the popular varieties and often people need ideas on how to use them. Watch as The Produce Lady provides unique preparation ideas, cooking tips and recipes for squash. Summer squash is considered a very healthy food – a one-cup raw serving has less than 20 calories, and is a very good source of vitamin C, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. Learn more fresh produce facts at www.theproducelady.org.

What is it like a Day in the Life of a ‘Lady of the Castle?’ ?

Question by Tiff: What is it like a Day in the Life of a ‘Lady of the Castle?’ ?
I need a description of the daily life, living conditions-in the castle or on the manor, surroundings, job and responsibilities, and others. I also need to know what it is like inside the castle. Also the clothes, food, health problems, and ways Lady of the Castle and family were entertained. I also need where the Lady lives and what time period.
I will need six entries, but you only need to give me as much as you can.
Thank You,

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Answer by Sybaris
You’ll find a lot of help here:


Life would be similar in castles around Europe in the Middle Ages. I assume you want the Medieval period?

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Lady Gaga Full Body Workout

www.empoweryourbody.com Monday Fit tip Lady GaGa Meal Plan to Eating Healthy Wednesday Lady Gaga Full Body Workout Friday- Aspire Higher! Plus get the answer to Mondays Question. About EYB: Empower Your Body is a Health & Fitness Consulting company. Our mission is to contribute to the overall wellness of humanity. With Empower Your Body, we will show you how to take the thoughts that limit you and turn them into the beliefs that empower you. It is about being honest, becoming educated and taking action! Video Disclaimer : www.youtube.com Get our Downloadable workouts at the EYB Store! www.empoweryourbody.com Special Thanks to: Hillside Media Productions : www.youtube.com www.hillsidemedia.tv Website www.empoweryourbody.com Twitter www.twitter.com

Don’t you love how fat lazy Republicans attack the first lady for promoting healthy eating habits?

Question by : Don’t you love how fat lazy Republicans attack the first lady for promoting healthy eating habits?
I guess they just don’t want to feel bad because they took that third helping at Golden Corral last night, huh?

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Answer by Israel Woods
I don’t care what she preaches. It’s the thing about school bake sales being illegal. It’s the soda tax. Free speech stops at speech.

Fact: I’m neither fat nor lazy and neither is my child. We’re pretty good looking, in fact.

If she doesn’t want to be criticized for the legislative power then she should just shut up.

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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl – Mom gives an update about the creepy witch lady.

www.TheHauntingOfSunshineGirl.com Hey so my mom wanted to do a quick video. I try to keep her off camera, LOL, but she thought it would be a good idea and I agree with her. Anyway, check it out.
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Healthy Cooking Class at Lady Of Essence

Guests learned how to prepare 2 quick, healthy, delicious meals: “Stuffed Mushroom Turkey Burgers and Turkey Lettuce Wraps with Brown Rice. This class taught everyone how to cook, prepare and package healthy portioned meals. They also got a chance to taste the healthy food. Call 713.271.LADY (5239) or check out the website at www.LadyOfEssence.com for the next Healthy Cooking class.
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Blue Q – Boss Lady Zipper Pouch

Blue Q – Boss Lady Zipper Pouch

  • Made from 95-percent recycled woven polypropylene
  • Water proof and easy to clean
  • 1-Percent of the sale of this zipper pouch will support the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy

Rein ’em in, Boss Lady style! By Haley Johnson. 9-1/2-inch w by 7-1/4-inch h. 95-percent recycled woven polypropylene material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn into Zipper Pouches. This is normal for the high recycled content. We love the earth. Printed with lead free inks, Blue Q’s Zipper Pouches are the bags that go in your bag. Perfect for cosmetics, pencils, your passport and more!

List Price: $ 5.99

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