BrinkZone Gauntlet Training with Jennifer Amy!

More info, free articles: The BrinkZone Gauntlet. For GPP, conditioning, endurance, metabolic work, and functional strength, it’s awesome…I put model and competitor Jennifer Amy through the gauntlet, which shows what a whole body functional killer calorie burning workout looks like! Try this workout, it will kick your butt and get you in great shape pronto. Forget the “toning and firming” nonsense you see on web sites and vids. Amy here shows how “real women” train to get into killer shape! 🙂 For more info visit my site at:
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Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – What A Fabulous Feeling About Jennifer Beals!

Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – What A Fabulous Feeling About Jennifer Beals!
By Terri MacLeod NEW YORK, N.Y. — OK, so I may be dating myself, but Jennifer Beals was the fashion icon of my generation! The leg warmers, the ripped sweatshirts, the baggy pants, the big hair – oh my! Who didn’t want to be her in “Flashdance?” Did I mention she’s also super brainy – Yale grad! Now, 46, Jennifer is middle aged, yet still looks like a style-setter, minus the leg warmers …
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Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Moscow
Glitzy and decadent, the non-stop Russian capital is famed for its exorbitant prices, extravagant nightlife and freezing winter temperatures.
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Today’s Healthy Child: Living with Cystic Fibrosis
Back in the 1950’s when a baby was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis they rarely lived to attend elementary school.  In this week’s Healthy Child Report, Dr. Bryan Burke with Arkansas Children’s Hospital tells us how medical improvements have changed that dramatically.
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Super Fitness Model Jennifer Nicole Lee, Sexiest Women of the World 2010, Modeling Tips How To Look Like a Fitness Model, Without Being One !!! Give me just 45 minutes 4 times a week and I will show you how to transform your body into that worshipped Fitness Model Cover Look! My Fitness Model Program really works! -20 Most Beautiful by E! entertainm…
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