Americans Drink “Fukushima Bottled Water Imported From Japan” That’s Marked “Radioactive”

Political prankster Mark Dice offers people cold bottles of “Fukushima Imported Mineral Water” that are clearly marked with a large radiation symbol he glued…
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Japan Health Care

Japan Health Care
good health tips
Image by Danny Choo
Hints n tips on how to take poo samples. As shown in illustration 2, you must slash and stab at your poo left n right, up n down with the PED (Poo Extraction Device). Don’t slash too hard or bits of it will go lying around the room. If any corn or spinach pops out then you can be a good eco person and wash to eat again.Poo is in the green bag – looks like Sanae can smell it ^^;

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SEPPUKU SAM, THE WILD MAN OF OLD JAPAN — or, How to KILL YOURSELF (After Losing a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe) 切腹

SEPPUKU SAM, THE WILD MAN OF OLD JAPAN — or, How to KILL YOURSELF (After Losing a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe) 切腹
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Image by Okinawa Soba

What great subject for a flickr caption — Especially for Okinawa_Soba, who, being a mindless individual, is not known for tip-toeing around any subject dealing with any mindless aspects of Japanese culture !

By "mindless" I mean what my Okinawan mother in law told me about the demands of Japanese culture : "…DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, JUST DO IT !…"

OK. Let’s get the RANT out of the way…and then we can move on to a pretty photos of Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossoms, and the Eternal Bliss of Life in the Flowery Kingdom.


"….Suicide rates in Japan have risen in 2009 amid economic woes, and could surpass the record 34,427 deaths in 2003.

Last year, [among the various means employed], nearly 2,000 people committed suicide in Japan by jumping in front of a train — about 6 percent of such deaths nationwide.…."


Ok. What’s the big deal? We are only talking one suicide for every 3,500 people in Japan. That’s almost invisible. Hey, people everywhere have problems, and occasionally "check out" because life is too much to handle. All countries in the world deal with this.

But, other countries don’t deal with it like Japan does. And that’s where things get interesting. And we have the above photo to explain. Why would Japan even take and publish photos showing their citizens engaging in the act of the "Happy Dispatch" to go meet their "Honorable Ancestors" — by slitting their bellies wide open, and spilling their honorable guts all over floor ?

It’s all about cultural inbreeding, and strange notions about social order.

♦ What other country in the world had every one of their major pioneering photographers of the 19th Century all scrambling to stage, photograph, and sell endless pictures of their locals COMMITTING SUICIDE ? What other nation in the world made sure their Souvenir Shops, Postcard Racks, and Beautiful Tourist Photo Albums all had access to the wide-ranging portfolio of SUICIDE PHOTOS provided by all photographers of importance in all major cities.

♦ And long before photography came along, what other nation filled their BOOKS, ARTWORK, and THEATRICAL PLAYS with more scenes of suicide than there are bacteria in a bottle of Yogurt ?

♦ What other nation in the world glorifies, romanticizes, and preoccupies itself with suicide to the highest levels of public consciousness ?

♦ What other Nation during WW2 had their Military Officers walk around giving out Hand Grenades to their OWN LOCAL JAPANESE CITIZENS telling them to pull the pins and commit personal and group suicide rather than to surrender and live on in a country occupied by the enemy?

The correct answer to all of the above : JAPAN !!!

Okinawa_Soba has lived in Japan for over 36 years. Please do not call me a racist for reporting on my local circumstances with a bit of vitriol in my words, or for dissing an imposed culture that has caused many of my fellow islanders to take their own lives.

In September 2008, Japan’s own NHK broadcast a television program about SUICIDE IN JAPAN. They stated that currently 1000 Japanese people a day attempt to kill themselves, with about 90 a day being successful at it.

Among the over 900 daily folks who are not successful with their attempt, about 200 a day require resuscitation or treatment at local Hospital Emergency Rooms. Perhaps the rest recover at home, only to try again later.

In the meantime, "Group Suicide Pacts", books on "Ways to Commit Suicide", and the continued National preoccupation with their own "Suicide Psyche" continue on as part of the darker side of the "cult personality" that is Japan.

FLASH UPDATE : Here’s another one from MARCH 19th, 2009 :…

It’s a never-ending parade of national pre-occupation with self-dispatch to the happy Hunting Grounds of your "Honorable" Ancestors — the only nation in the World whose national psyche almost demands an atonement by self-induced death for almost any reason under the sun.

Inbreeding, Isolation, Native Religion, Superstition, Twisted concepts of Honor and "Saving Face", and eating TOO MUCH TUNA SUSHI will do it to you every time…..!

For those who want to bore yourselves by reading my old RANT below, please keep the above recently broadcast "facts and statistics" from NHK in mind.]



It has been said that I am writing nothing less than COMPLAINING, nationalist RANTS against Japan. Yeah, I hear the same thing all the time…especially from the vocal minority of Japanese nationalists in the mainland who do nothing but COMPLAIN and RANT against the people of Okinawa because they are "not Japanese enough".

Since the subject here is that of self-induced DEATH (for whatever reason or cause) some peoples feelings about unreserved comments related to this are understood….. especially since it’s coming from a guy (Okinawa_Soba) who was born in GUN-HAPPY America — a country that has been waging an UN-POPULAR WAR in IRAQ (started by, and based largely on the ego of the megalomaniac UN-POPULAR EX-PRESIDENT BUSH — a war that has killed more Civilians than Combatants). Such things are not under dispute.

However, holding off on any troll-induced discussion of America’s home-grown abundance of national problems, let’s get back to my caption about one of Japan’s favorite subjects :


Whenever this subject comes up, many folks miss the underlying point that, at least in the case of Japan, we are dealing not only with statistics, but also with perceptions — perceptions the Japanese have about themselves, and how they are perceived as a nation by those "looking in". Therefore, in order to placate any other Japanese who are embarrassed about their national penchant for ritualized and glorified suicide both in war and peace (regardless of actual numbers of those who dispatch themselves), I have ADDED DISCLAIMERS throughout the below comments.


At the very least, the link will balance my own hyperbole born of over 35 years of living in Japan, during which time I was very careful to glean what JAPANESE NEWSPAPERS, JAPANESE BOOKS, JAPANESE TELEVISION, THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT, AND MY OWN JAPANESE NEIGHBORS SAID DURING MY TIME THERE — that Japan is the #1 "Suicide Complex" Nation on the face of the earth….even if they are not technically #1 in actually carrying them out.

Actually, they come in at about #10. But (hypocritically) these "other countries" with higher suicide rates — mostly some Eastern European countries, and someplace in Africa — are NOT the type of nations Japan likes being compared to in OTHER matters.

So, let’s rephrase the question…….

If you were to ask the Japanese, "Which modern, democratic, and industrialized nation — whose population is composed of a (cough) "supreme race" — has the highest suicide rate in the entire known universe ?", they could only answer you (with mixed feelings of pride and doom) a resounding "WE ARE !!!"

Whoo Hoo ! Now we are getting somewhere.

And is this culturally inbred passion for committing suicide something new ? Read the photo at the link below, and then return for the rest of this caption.

Keep in mind as you read the link at the very bottom, that although there are those other countries that actually DO HAVE HIGHER SUICIDE RATES THAN JAPAN, the point remains clear that the Japanese themselves "sensationalize" their own suicide rates MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE in ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

Their own media and "national lore" (for better or worse) continues to preserve the "national myth" of a culture of self-inflicted military and civilian "death with honor" when military, financial or social circumstances require it to save face (ALTHOUGH IN ACTUALITY, BOTH IN THE PAST AND PRESENT, SEVERAL OTHER COUNTRIES EXCEED JAPAN IN SUICIDE RATES).

The admitted Japanese penchant to ritualize and glorify what "little" suicide they do have, in the name of "historical culture" continues to act as a factor in magnifying the rest of the world’s association of Japan with Suicide — even though careful statistics CLEARLY show that Japan is NOT the Suicide Capitol of the World — ALTHOUGH IT IS #1 AMONG ALL CIVILIZED AND INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS OF THE EARTH.


Please note that OKINAWA Prefecture in the South had the LOWEST suicide rates in all Japan while under the less-than-desirable AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION from 1945 to 1972. After Okinawa was undemocratically forced to reunite with Japan in 1972, and thrust under their dubious cultural and education wing, suicide rates have SHOT UP there to levels formerly unheard of.


In a way, the same thing can be said about Japan’s historical "Culture of Prostitutes and Prostitution". True statistics on Prostitution in Japan become moot as Japan continues to openly struggle both inwardly and externally over its past record dealing with "Comfort Women" and ‘Forced Sexual Slavery".

The male constituency of the Government, saddled with the task of "apologizing" to its Asian neighbors, is hindered by the fact that Japan once allowed the selling of their own female CHILDREN into the BROTHEL SYSTEM to eventually service the so-called natural "needs" of men — and who honored, paraded, and glorified Prostitutes in both Art and Society — all of this leading to a world consumed with confused fascination concerning their GEISHA (not prostitutes) and the many classes of "working girls" from those in CAGES, to the fashionable excesses of the OIRAN.

The legalization of Prostitution in Japan (as in many other countries) as a practical means to control it was laudable. What was not laudable was the Patriarchal guided system of Fathers and Mothers selling off their young female children into that system of sexual bondage just so they could feed their faces or pay the rent. No excuse for that at all. It is one thing to have a "rate of prostitution", and quite another to glorify it on a national and cultural scale, parade it to all the world, and use such a history to codify a nations’ right for the males to "use women as they please".

How do you think it felt for Okinawa_Soba to turn on the TV News and hear about one of Japan’s ranking political leaders declaring, "….If a man wants to rape a women, it’s better that he chose a women that’s not a virgin… ", or having a Japanese Police Officer tell me directly that, "…..there is nothing wrong with a man making obscene phone calls to women….that’s only natural….."

In such circumstances, it is hard for the modern male Government Bureaucrat in Japan to be indignant about the past, or see why any apologies to these women are needed — and if pushed hard enough, just declare to the world "Hey, that’s what women are for. Besides, they got paid, so what’s the big deal?".

Holy Mother of God. Thanks for the clarification, you stone-age bureaucrats !


In the end, be it SUICIDE or SEXUAL SLAVERY, the meaning of Statistics fade in the light of other factors that paint our perceptions of Nations and Peoples. And that goes for both JAPAN, AMERICA, and the REST OF THE WORLD.

However, in Japan’s case, in both of the above realms, they have succeeded in presenting THEMSELVES as #1 in their self-fascination with it all, and as a direct result, selling the World at large the image we all have of Japan TODAY in these areas.

Someome has had this to say about Americans : "…….You Americans would rather kill others than kill yourselves….". Outside of America’s skill at killing in war, no doubt, this perception is accurate. Unfortunately, statistics show that, at least as far as GUNS and killing ON AMERICAN SOIL is concerned, this is not correct. More Americans COMMIT SUICIDE WITH GUNS on their home turf more than they kill others with those guns. Still, the ratio is close :

"……Suicides accounted for 55 percent of [America’s] nearly 31,000 firearm deaths in 2005….."



Sea Food – Is it good for Health? Seafood is consumed in large quantities in Japan and other parts of Asia. Co?

Question by Faith: Sea Food – Is it good for Health? Seafood is consumed in large quantities in Japan and other parts of Asia. Co?

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Answer by JAN
Yes, I agree sea foods are good for our health and I believe Japanese eat a lot of sea food, but I do not know what you mean by parts of Asia. Co? People all over the world eat sea food of some type or another these days.

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Rest in Sleaze [Japan Import] +Bonus Tracks

Rest in Sleaze [Japan Import] +Bonus Tracks

2005, Universal records Japan. Import edition of this superb debut by Scandi rockers, Crash Diet, delivering a true no-nonsense brand of vintage late 80s hair metal, akin to Tigertailz, Shotgun Messiah, early Skid Row, etc. Japanese edition features different artwork than the domestic issues, two bonus tracks, and, two more bonus video tracks (Riot in everyone (3:56) (Music video) and Private sh*t (9:06) exclusive video footage)). Out of print since March of 2006.