The “Navy Island Iced Tea”

The “Navy Island Iced Tea”
Image by djwtwo
Another of the cocktails I came up with using this year’s spiced syrup. I call it the “Navy Island Iced Tea”: it’s a play on a Long Island Iced Tea with the ginger-lime, Jamaican-inspired syrup in place of simple syrup (Navy Island is a small island just off Jamaica). This is potent punch, but hardly tastes of alcohol.

To mix one up, combine equal parts Fiona’s Fancy Ginger & Lime Syrup, lime juice, triple sec, rum, tequila, gin, and vodka in a shaker and shake it up. Pour into a tall glass with some ice, add a splash of Coca-Cola for color, and garnish with some lime.

More experimental lighting, too. This was shot in a homemade softbox, remote-triggered flash to the right of the scene, with a backdrop of not-quite-black posterboard, and a small flashlight behind the glass to punch the drink up a little.

Leper Island Curiosities

Leper Island Curiosities
Budgeting Tips
Image by Boogies with Fish…
The diving has been sporadic over the holidays. People were off cavorting elsewhere and I was hiding out. Now things will hopefully be returning to something resembling normality, me being one of those things. I’ve picked out some of the more interesting images from our last dive at Leper Island  to display here this evening. Fish seem to be more and more difficult to chase. I don’t think the fish have changed. It’s me. Though it seems impossible, I am becoming even more lazy. Let the fish come to me.

Corals don’t move around much, in fact, not at all. They provide easy fodder for my hungry lens. I’m particularly on the lookout for colourful specimens. Part of my laziness is demonstrated by my lack of attention to species names. I’ve decided that they are not so important after all. All that they do for me is provide lots of Google hits. Let the colours speak for themselves and we’ll stick with generic names such as "coral" and "sponge" and so on. This coral is strutting its stuff in a most flamboyant manner:

One might suspect that I’ve fiddled with the colours in this shot. While that’s true, it was minor fiddling, mere accentuation. I might be forgiven for that.

This coral is altogether different from the previous one. While the former was flashy, this specimen is so subtle that one might not appreciate it at a distance:

Ah, but up close it is a different story:

The violet colour sprinkled with great care across the tops of the colonies is exquisite. I don’t know what it is and I have not seen it before. I’m happy for it to remain a mystery. We need our mysteries, eh?

Well, I’m tired of coral all ready. Restless, that’s what I am. How about a sponge? This one is outrageous:

Yes it really is that bright. I often wonder if these colours have any purpose. But, then again, I often wonder about a lot of things.

Now here is something which one doesn’t see every day. Dive buddy Rich Jones spotted these two nudibranchs presumably doing what comes naturally:

It’s worth a click on the image to see the clarity that is possible from a cheap underwater outfit such as my Canon G11. Passable stuff for an amateur on a budget. I could never get images such as this when I was shooting on film.

I cropped the shot down and used a Photoshop trick of repeatedly enlarging the image by 110% until it is about four or five times as large. It can then be sharpened to make it appear as if the shot were taken at an impossibly close distance. It’s now possible to see what they are doing. Well, not exactly. It’s just a jumble of miscellaneous spindly bits:

Never mind. It’s a private party, anyway.

Tomorrow marks four months since Eunie departed from Brisbane to claim her reward. Kindly people ask me almost daily, "How are you doing." That’s a good question. I wish I had an answer. All in all, I suppose that I’m doing, as they say, better than expected. In fact, I am doing considerably better than I expected and I don’t fully understand why. For a while there I wasn’t sure if I’d be around to welcome 2011. I’m sure that I am being cared for by my creator. If I didn’t believe that, I simply wouldn’t bother. Wasting away seems to be a popular alternative. However, over and above the care from above, I’ve also gotten huge attention and love from my friends. Moreover, giving credit where it’s due, I’m coming to realise that my survival is largely due to whatever minuscule amounts of common sense and wisdom which I absorbed from my dear wife over the course of nearly a half century. That’s a lot of training. Even for someone as slow as I it was bound to be helpful when things got rough. Thanks again, babe.

I must end my hermit episode. People will give up on me if I don’t make an effort. Tonight they are having some kind of quiz thing at the Madang Country Club. Though I’m not a member, Rich will sign me in as a guest. I think I’ll venture out. I wonder if anything has changed?

Anything could happen.

Stretch Island Original Fruit Leather, Ripened Raspberry, 0.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 30)

Stretch Island Original Fruit Leather, Ripened Raspberry, 0.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 30)

  • Pack of 30 half-ounce bars (total of 15 ounces)
  • All-natural, 100%-fruit leather featuring raspberries
  • No sugar added; gluten-free; dairy-free; certified kosher
  • One bar equal to one fruit-exchange in diabetic diet
  • Made on Stretch Island, WA

100% Fruit snack. The flat fruited raspberry is famous of course. For its fantastic flavor. Its rich red color. And because it grows on just one tree on just one island in the whole wide world. Diabetics/Diet Exchange: 1 fruit.

List Price: $ 17.00

Price: $ 12.14

Prince Edward island is a seafood Nirvana

Prince Edward island is a seafood Nirvana
In my best day on Prince Edward Island, I had oysters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Moo Moo
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