Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods with Dr. Bob Sears Is your baby about to reach 6 months of age? Are you concerned about introducing solid food to your child? Is your 7 month old rejecting everything you give her? Dr. Bob Sears shares some advice as well as a list of do’s and don’ts for parents. Dr. Sears’ advice includes the following After 6 months, start to introduce foods to your child. Make foods available and invite them to taste, follow your baby’s lead; allow them to reject foods as some babies might not show much interest. Food to Introduce First: banana pears avocado unsweetened applesauce rice cereal Food to Avoid: honey cows milk citrus fruits shellfish egg whites peanut products At this important time you can start to influence your baby’s taste buds: give natural whole foods and limit sugar and sweets so that they seek out healthier options as their bodies grow. See more videos on food for families, find recipes, and have fun at This video was made by Parent Earth with sponsorship from Happy Baby http and Stonyfield Farms Care2 is a media partner. Stay tuned there are more videos in this series about babies, kids and healthy eating featuring Dr. Bob Sears. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when the next video is up:

Minecraft Dad – Ep. 17 – Introducing… Minecraft Mom! (applause!)

Follow my family on wild adventures, grand tours, and chaotic battles on our Minecraft multiplayer survival server. Think “Swiss Family Robinson” in Minecraft! Best viewed at 720p Full Screen! In this episode, Dad and Jumbo are joined by a very special person with flowers in her hair: MinecraftMom! She’s never played a video game before so this episode is not just an introduction to Minecraft and our server, but also basic game-play mechanics like “WASD” and “Mouselook”. Oh boy, this is going to be on-going project… In fact, this is only Part 1 of a 60 minute session! Also, I think I’ve figured out Camtasia and the aspect ratio thing! This one looks great! My Channel: My blog: My Twitter My FAQ:

Introducing the New Center Pet Pharmacy Pet Blog

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 15, 2009

The Center Pet Pharmacy team is excited to introduce their highly anticipated Center Pet Pharmacy Blog, a new feature on

This new addition to the Center Pet Pharmacy site is an informative and entertaining blog about pet medications, pet care, and of course the pets themselves. Customers and friends can get involved in the fun by submitting pictures and stories about their pets to be posted on the blog.

The blog will feature different types of posts, from helpful articles on pet medications to funny videos and pictures of staff and customer pets. Every week there will be a new featured pet, as well as advice on training pets, medicine administering techniques to prevent scratches, bites and general trauma to the pet,and more. Articles on pet diseases and treatments, health tips, stories about brave or clever pets, funny videos and pictures, recipes for tasty and healthy pet treats, giveaways, worthy charities, and much more.

Customers can get involved too by sharing their great pet stories, funny videos, cute pictures of their pets, and anything else they would like to submit. Fans of Center Pet Pharmacy can also become Facebook fans and follow @CenterPet on Twitter.

Visit the Center Pet Pharmacy blog today.


And Here Is Bob’s New Prtnr In Crime: Introducing Kevin Gaynor

And Here Is Bob’s New Prtnr In Crime: Introducing Kevin Gaynor
From Kevin Gaynor of Nomura Enjoy the rest of 2010 Having been at Nomura for two weeks now, we feel we’re getting a handle on the current debate for markets and so it is time to set out some early thoughts prior to a major marketing trip when we hope to meet many of you and gather your sense of what’s next. First, we present some of our long-held views that we still think hold value as a …
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The ABCs of packing a healthy school lunch
Lunch boxes are on display at a store in New York City. For many parents the thought coming up with nutritious lunch box ideas that kids will actually eat can be a daily challenge.
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Spring-Ford Reporter/The Valley ItemDatebook
DateBook Notes
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VIVmag Launches Free App for iPad Introducing Ubiquitous Digital Access to Dynamic Women’s Lifestyle Content

VIVmag Launches Free App for iPad Introducing Ubiquitous Digital Access to Dynamic Women’s Lifestyle Content
VIVmag announced today that its new VIVmag app for iPad⢠is now available for free download in the iTunes® App Store. Complementing VIVmag’s desktop/laptop PC and iPhone apps, VIVmag’s app for iPad creates a 360 degree journey inside the first all-digital luxury magazine’s exclusive interactive fashion, wellness and lifestyle content.
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California faces wave of aging residents
The first of the baby boomers — born from 1946 to 1964 — turn 65 in 2011, and demographers predict that California’s current population over age 65 (11 percent) will double or even triple by 2030.
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Positive ways to fight the battle of the bulge in kids
I have worked in the sports and fitness field for many years and I can’t help but notice the increasing amount of overweight children. Lifestyles have changed drastically over the last 20 years.
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ESPN Introducing espnW, a Digital Presence for Women

ESPN Introducing espnW, a Digital Presence for Women
This fall, the sports network is gradually introducing espnW, a brand marketed to female sports fans and the reaction has not been universally upbeat.
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Options for volunteers
Aquarium school program: Volunteers are needed to help run school programs this fall. Volunteers will run “hands on” school programs to give volunteers a principal role as educators to a small group of students.
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Demand Media Welcomes Bloggers Into Its Content Farm
Demand Media, the content farm whose underpaid freelancing minions churn out very interesting and important how-to articles based on what people search for on Google , announced today that it is launching a blog distribution network that will, according to a press release, help “bloggers expand their online brands by syndicating their blog posts to Demand Media’s highly trafficked sites …
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