How do people get a hold of multiple Sunday coupon inserts?

Question by : How do people get a hold of multiple Sunday coupon inserts?
I go on ebay and i see that people have coupons on there. I have bought some (well actually i have bid on their time to cut and sort these coupons, but anyways….) And i was wondering where do people get a hold of multiple sunday coupon inserts. I wanted to get into selling them online too but didn’t know how to go about it.

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Well where I shop, the people steal the coupons from the papers in the store without buying the paper. The papers aren’t enclosed in plastic at this store. Its very rude and annoying. Other times, people ask they’re friends and family for their coupons. If people steal from the store, I also imagine a handful of people probably take the inserts from other peoples front door before the paper is brought in. Then there’s the people who buy them on Ebay then resell them themselves, and it continues in a cycle like that.

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How to clip multiple coupon inserts, where to get your coupons.wmv

I hope you find this information helpful. Internet Printable Coupon websites **Note** Most stores DO accept internet printables, (IP’s) , however, as stated in the video a few may not. Some stores will accept them, but will not honor an IP that allows you to receive an item for free, or will only double the face value of that IP up to a certain amount. You need to contact your local grocer or check their website about their coupon policy regarding IP’s. Some of my favorite coupon websites: Here you will be able to preview upcoming coupon inserts ask coupon questions catch deal/sale alerts share grocery hauls chat with other coupon lovers like yourself:-) WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF COUPONING
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