The Smart Mom’s Guide to Staying Home: 65 Simple Ways to Thrive, Not Deprive, on One Income

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Staying Home: 65 Simple Ways to Thrive, Not Deprive, on One Income

In 2002, Wendy Chamberlin resigned her post as U.S. ambassador to Pakistan stating that “There are many people who can be an ambassador . . . but nobody else can be my daughters’ mother.” Do you share Chamberlin’s parenting philosophy? Are you among the 87% of women with a child or children under the age of 12 working outside the home who would really rather spend more time at home than away from it? Perhaps you want a greater sense of balance between your home and work lives but don’t know where to start. And of course, there’s the sticky issue of money‹can your family thrive without your income?

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Staying Home addresses in detail one of the most common fears that often prevents parents from shifting their full-time focus from the office to home: how not to sacrifice your standard of living when going from two incomes to one. Based on the philosophy that deprivation never worked for anyone, you will learn how your family can enjoy many of the riches they currently do and still prosper without missing a beat.

With real-world, every day approaches to spending decisions, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Staying Home provides 65 easy and simple ways to keep more of your family’s money and make the money you have go further. From grocery shopping and eating out to fashion and feedback, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Staying Home is a terrific resource for planning and achieving financial harmony, greater life balance and personal fulfillment.

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You Too Can Live on Very Little Income by Learning the Techniques of Frugality

You Too Can Live on Very Little Income by Learning the Techniques of Frugality

It’s really difficult to survive today, especially when you make your home in the developed countries. It seems like you have to have a fortune just to exist. Well, I’m here to explain it will not require all that cash to live. You can enjoy a wonderful life without going bankrupt. Take heed to the following guidelines and you can start to learn the techniques of frugality.

One thing to consider is if you have problems making it on your current income, you probably need an alteration to your living standards. In the old days, I was told that we work towards a high living standard. As you gain experience and higher pay, your standard of living gets better. Today, it appears most individuals have learned you must have a really high standard of living immediately after you graduate. That’s how many individuals get into debt, because they have to have everything right away. You should lower your living standard to something you can afford. Then improve your standard as you progress in your career.

You should do a lot of your shopping on the Internet. Believe it or not, there are some great sales on some of the merchandise sites. Some of them will ship your purchases for free or at a very low cost. Another great benefit of shopping online is you can stay home (avoid crowded stores and you save gas money, too).

Almost every city and town in the country has several free things you may do. The local libraries are full of books and media you can check out for free. You can go to a park and enjoy a family picnic or arrange a fun sports activity. Check your city paper and find out what activities are planned. You might be amazed by what there is to do. When you are able to do something at no cost, you are using the techniques of frugality to the maximum degree.

One vital thing you have to do is decrease waste. We are all guilty of wastefulness at times in our lives. The techniques of frugality involve determining where the waste is coming from and fixing it. You should find out what all of your expenses are, and then audit them. You can discover how you can diminish payments by downgrading services or eliminating them completely. Some ideas are: get rid of your gym membership, you can exercise elsewhere; reduce your Cable TV package; check for cheaper deals on internet service, phone, insurance, etc. In addition to those ideas, you can also stop wasting energy. Do your best to avoid wasting water and electricity by being attentive to the details. Turn off electrical items when not in use. Use power saving appliances as much as possible. Fix water leaks and take short showers rather than full baths.

Don’t buy brand name items just for the brand. Most of the time, you can locate fine quality items that are generic or unknown brands. An important aspect of frugality is the ability to find pertinent data about products so you will get the best return for your hard-earned dollar. I’m not declaring you should go out and buy the cheapest product you find. In some cases, the brand name product IS the right choice. You need to ‘do your homework’ to determine the best choice to make.

Try your best to escape paying interest. Everyone knows that a lot of debt is not a good thing. Actually, the main reason debt is bad is because of interest. You end up paying more for items than they are worth. So, you shouldn’t buy what you can’t afford. If you have major debt, you need to decrease it steadily until it is gone completely. When practicing the art of frugality, interest is your number one foe.

In the above paragraphs, I provided some general ideas that you may follow to live a less expensive lifestyle. For some more specific tips on improving your budget, you should visit my blog where you can study the techniques of frugality.

To learn more about managing debt and credit, read my two part article Managing Debt. If you want to live a great lifestyle on a lower budget, you should visit Cheap Living and pick up some tips and tricks to save you lots of money.

Mom Blog SEO – 30 Days to Boost Traffic, Readers, Influence and Income

Mom Blog SEO – 30 Days to Boost Traffic, Readers, Influence and Income

Mom Blog SEO by Kelby Carr (a mom who has been online since the 1980s, has spoken at several blog conferences about SEO and has been mastering SEO for eight years) will help moms who blog boost their traffic, readership, influence and income. All of these are rooted in SEO, or search engine optimization.

This eBook will take you through 30 days of quick and easy tasks to give your blog a jump start. Learn these tactics over a month’s time, spending just a few minutes a day, or you can take a longer stretch to complete several days at once. It’s your choice according to what your schedule and time allows.

Mom Blog SEO includes:

* How to find the best keyword phrases to drive the right readers for your blog
* Tactics that take a couple minutes before each post and can dramatically increase your traffic
* How to target the right readers and stop attracting the wrong ones
* How to boost your Google PageRank, the index that determines just how worthy Google considers your site when churning out search results
* How to get your time-sensitive posts into results even when your PageRank is low or your site is new (or just moved)
* Social search optimization, including showing up in searches on popular social networks and where results appear in Google
* How to drive traffic and boost PageRank through social media and social networking
* Methods for tracking results
* A checklist to recognize signs your site is not performing well for search engines, with tips for fast fixes
* Tips specific to various platforms, such as WordPress, Blogger and Typepad
* High-speed methods to optimize your existing content to get the quickest impact for your SEO efforts
* Tools to take advantage of your traffic boost to generate more blog income
* Tips and success stories from real life moms who are SEO mavens

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