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nah, i’ll sleep tomorrow .

nah, i’ll sleep tomorrow .
Crash Diets
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been a bit high on andrenaline lately, darn i’m going to be a junkie soon. what a fantabulous weekend, liang court dinner followed by clarke quay desert with great paper, jiamei, ernest youjie over friday, museum followed by fort caning and gallery hotel with james and teddy bear over saturday, sunday crashed the early littlest india market with our din and clicks along with bernard, xiong xiong, timothy, cindy, weiming, zul, alan, ling, and who.

funny people ain’t no funny show, it’s super sad, loser sad, still watching 500 days of summer, almost late for work turning in on while lazing in bed, hah!, the cove is a total heart breaker, poor dolphins! you guys should change your diet from small fish to overfed fishermen.! let me shout out for you guys! thecovemovie.com/

Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management (Occupational Safety and Health Series (Chicago, Ill.).)

Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management (Occupational Safety and Health Series (Chicago, Ill.).)

Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management is a compilation of readings about safety cultures and how they function in specific organizations. This unprecedented compilation presents discussions on what safety culture is, what elements within organizations influence safety cultures, and a variety of both traditional and new methods to use to bring about positive culture change.

The volume encompasses research findings on corporate cultures and safety cultures, the safety myths that safety professionals must debunk, methods of measuring and motivating safety performance, and tips on organizing safety and health programs in small-to-large companies and national-to-international corporations. Many important industries are discussed: mining, refineries, shipping, chemical, manufacturing and advanced technologies. Perspectives are presented, including those of behavioralists, organized labor, safety professionals, academics and grassroots workers.

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