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What cheap catering ideas would you recommend?

Question by Curious George: What cheap catering ideas would you recommend?
Hi. I am looking to cater lunch to about 15 people a day for 5 days. I am in Hollywood with an ultra-low budget.

The goal is super inexpensive food that tastes good and is pretty healthy.

ANY and ALL food ideas are appreciated.
Just so yo know, for the most part, I am looking to outsource this, not cook it myself.

Great answers so far! Keep them coming :^D

Best answer:

Answer by ColleenLucky7
A veggie tray each day…. you prepare it yourself to save money…..
Dip.. a different one each day…
Bottled water to drink or a punch… different color and flavor of punch each day

Day one….. turkey, ham and cheese trays….. condiments…. buns…..

Day two… Meat balls, sauce and Italian buns

Day Three…. Make spaghetti (use left over meat balls)
Serve garlic toasted rolls left over from first two days.

Day Four…. Cranberry Glazed Chicken Breasts (you can buy big bags of them at Wal-mart….cheap) Serve with mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Serve with corn bread.

Day Five…. Make a turkey dinner…. all the trimmings….

Make sure you have plenty of napkins, cups and plates.

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