January 2008 Scavenger Hunt

January 2008 Scavenger Hunt
low fat menu
Image by tim ellis
January 2008 Scavenger Hunt

1. Yard Art (mine and everyone’s)
2. Exercise (mine and everyone’s)
3. Look What I`ve Got (mine and everyone’s)
4. Low Fat (mine and everyone’s)
5. In Case Of Emergency (mine and everyone’s)
6. Footprints (mine and everyone’s)
7. You Only Live Once (mine and everyone’s)
8. One Number (mine and everyone’s)
9. U-Turn (mine and everyone’s)
10. Askew (mine and everyone’s)
11. Restaurant Menu (mine and everyone’s)
12. English Muffin (mine and everyone’s)
13. Humorous Sign (mine and everyone’s)
14. Amen (mine and everyone’s)
15. Vacant (mine and everyone’s)
16. Inside My Refrigerator (mine and everyone’s)
17. Notice (mine and everyone’s)
18. Fish (mine and everyone’s)
19. Useless (mine and everyone’s)
20. Negative (mine and everyone’s)

See if you can guess which is which!

Keep eye on kids as they hunt for treats

Keep eye on kids as they hunt for treats
Next Sunday is Halloween and to make it a safe and healthy holiday in the Sacramento area, here are some tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ,the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ‘s Office of Women’s Health:
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Junking lazy habits
JUNK the fast food, kids. Junior MasterChefs hope their kitchen kudos makes you want to whip up your own healthy treats at home.
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Chicago kids learn about vegetables from school gardens — and rules that ban their produce from school kitchens
Kids and school gardens make a healthy combination, except in Chicago where the homegrown produce currently being harvested has been banned from school cafeterias.
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January 2008 Monthly Scavenger Hunt

January 2008 Monthly Scavenger Hunt
low fat menu
Image by Mundoo
1. Garden mosaic, 2. Belly Dancers, 3. Jordan and dirt bike, 4. Pineapple, 5. Middleton CFS Station, 6. Footprints, 7. Crikey geocoin, 8. Black cow, 9. Gondola at Christchurch, 10. Grounded, 11. Restaurant menus, 12. Leaning tower of Muffins, 13. Wealthy Sponsor wanted!, 14. Dawn Anzac Day 2006, 15. Australasia Hotel, 16. Fridge frost, 17. Look and up live, 18. Panda, 19. Ready to fire?, 20. Negative sky

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