Heston’s Mission Impossible – NHS/ Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The NHS’s largest children’s hospital, Alder Hey in Liverpool has a problem: the food. The children won’t touch it, and their road to recovery is suffering as a result. Enter Heston Blumenthal, tasked with a real mission impossible: to persuade hospital bosses and staff that processed fast food straight out of a packet isn’t the way forward, and get the kids to eat his new food creations, which include protein-packed worms on pizza. Will Britain’s most inventive Michelin-starred chef succeed where others have failed? It’s not long before Heston realises what he’s up against – stubborn hospital staff who’ve done things the same way for eternity, tight NHS budgets, and kids for whom mealtimes have become uninspiring. But that’s nothing compared to the shock Heston feels when he visits the hospital kitchen, and discovers that just a handful of the kitchen’s 14 chefs actually cook food for the sick kids. Shockingly, the majority cook food which is tasty, varied and healthier for the staff restaurant, and even outside functions, while the hospital’s kids make do with processed and unappetising stodge. Heston’s solution is to make the kids’ mealtimes fun again, and in doing so persuade them to eat some of the healthy things they need to get better. Cue Heston’s `Bet You Can’t Eat That’ menu, featuring a `snot milkshake’, a `vomit soup’, and `worms on pizza’. It’s healthy ingredients disguised as fun. But will the kids eat it, and even if they do can Heston persuade hospital
Video Rating: 4 / 5