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Moms ARE Giveaway Crazy These Days

Moms ARE Giveaway Crazy These Days

Mom’s ARE Giveaway Crazy These Days

If you are on Twitter or subscribe to different “mom” blogs in the blogosphere, you may have noticed a trend amongst them; there are giveaways galore going on all the time. This is because moms ARE giveaway crazy these days. And why is that?

First of all I think it’s because moms love to give! Moms are naturally nurturing and care-giving and this natural instinct extends out into all aspects of their world including their business and therefore their blogs.

Secondly, moms like to see others win. Who hasn’t been to a little league game where the mom of the pitcher or the 3rd baseman wasn’t their biggest cheerleader? Not only do moms cheer on their kids, they also love to cheer others on to victory, and hosting a giveaway on their blog lets them do this for other people.

Third, moms love to help others. Hosting a giveaway on a mom blog is a great way for moms to help one another out. Often, they will be giving away something most moms won’t go out and purchase themselves because it’s a luxury item or one of those things on their wish list they’ll most likely never get. Or perhaps a mom is entering to win it for a family member or friend. Either way, moms feel a great sense of pleasure when they know they are helping others out.

So, where do you go to find all the mom giveaways? Mom Giveaways of course! Mom Giveaways is your resource for all the great giveaways going on in the mom blogosphere. On the front page, you will find a list of the latest giveaways. You can also find giveaways by category as they are listed right on the top of each page. Each giveaway listing has all the info you need in order to win: Where (link to the specific mom blog); What (prize being given); How to Enter (what action steps you need to make); Deadline (last day to enter).

If you’re a mom blogger and you are hosting a giveaway, Mom Giveaways is the place to list yours. When moms are looking for giveaways to enter, they come to Mom Giveaways. Submission is free but the rewards are priceless.

Not only are giveaways submitted at Mom Giveaways, but there are contests, product reviews and freebies listed as well. Mom Giveaways is your number one resource for finding great deals on the web. Don’t wait another minute, go there now and check out all the awesome prizes you could win! And don’t forget to submit your giveaway or contest too!



Mary Lutz is a busy freelancing mom of four who is writing for Mom Giveaways, a popular contest and giveaway blog for moms. Hundreds of new giveaways are posted every week at http://www.momgiveaways.com and you can submit yours free.