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Eating Cheerios Doesn’t Make You Healthier, It Just Makes General Mills Wealthier (g1a2d0076c1)

Eating Cheerios Doesn’t Make You Healthier, It Just Makes General Mills Wealthier (g1a2d0076c1)
Healthy Food Ideas
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Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 76: Communication 1
IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 1 Dec 2011 (g1a2d0076c1)
How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?

Our corporations are lying to us, America. They sell us happiness and
health, they deliver anything but, and they’re getting away with it. Why?
Because in many cases they’ve paid politicians and "lobbied" bureaucrats to
twist the rules to where it is legal to lie – or at least legal to hide the
truth. Here is one example from many:

Unless you’re one of the few Americans with the wisdom and discipline to
throw their TV out the window, you’ve probably seen commercials like this
one wherein GMO cereal king General Mills claims that "Cheerios, made from
all grain natural oats, is the only leading cold cereal clinically proven to
lower cholesterol."

That claim may be legally true, but it is patently false for the following

1. Cheerios may be "made from all grain natural oats", but it also "made
from" many other ingredients. The Cheerios website assures us that "All
Cheerios cereal varieties have at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving",
but omits the fact that a "serving" is 28 grams:

And what’s in the other 20 grams? This article will give you some idea.
Pay special attention to the commentary regarding genetically modified corn
starch and trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is a cleaning compound:

2. As we reported earlier, in the USA "natural" has no regulated meaning
with respect to food or food labels. Consequently, General Mills can
legally refer to the oats in Cheerios as "natural" regardless of any
genetically engineered origin. The truth is that General Mills
"…continues to use genetically-modified (GM) ingredients in its cereal
products, as well as corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial
colorings – all of which wreak havoc on health…":

3. The part about Cheerios being "the only leading cold cereal clinically
proven to lower cholesterol" uses the "leading" adjective to avoid
challenges from cereals that might be healthier but not as well known. And
the "clinically proven" phrase that provides the claim’s sole source of
credibility refers to a study "conducted by Provident Clinical Research, a
for-profit institute that gets paid by General Mills and other manufacturers
to design, implement, and analyze tests that will always shine a bright
light on the product in question."

Even the FDA found the claims based on that study to be suspect:

The opening sentence in this General Mills press release (propaganda piece)
reads "Research presented today at the Experimental Biology Meeting revealed
Cheerios can help lower cholesterol by 10 percent in one month."

This is another cleverly-worded deception. General Mills doesn’t directly
claim that "Cheerios can help lower cholesterol", but rather states that was
"revealed" by "research", which as we just explained was tainted. The fact
that tainted research was presented at some "Experimental Biology Meeting"
sounds auspicious but means nothing. And once the lie is unleashed, the
distortion of the truth becomes pandemic. They’ve even got Lance Armstrong
lying for them, and the lie goes unretracted even after he knew about the
FDA warning letter:

General Mills doesn’t care about your health. General Mills only cares
about their wealth.

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Kleptocracy [klep-TOK-ruh-see]: A government or state in which those in
power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves. See
also the United States of America where, as Goethe said, "None are more
hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Want
documented examples of the corporate greed that corrupts our government and
fuels the Revolution? Find dozens here, with more to come:



Our Kleptocracy-controlled media focuses on America’s two-year election
cycles as if who wins or loses in the swinging of the pendulum was a matter
of life or death, when in fact even at the Presidential level it makes no
more difference than the outcomes of Monday Night Football, American Idol,
Dancing With The Stars, Hillbilly Handfishing or the trial of Michael
Jackson’s doctor. U.S. elections are staged primarily to give Sheeple the
illusion of control so they will (a) vent their frustrations and expend
their energy, emotions and resources supporting or attacking the Puppet on
the Left hand or the Puppet on the Right, and consequently (b) never
recognize and challenge the common omnipotent Puppetmaster.

There was no real change in 2008. There was no real change in 2010. There
WILL be real change in 2012, but it won’t be coming from tele-brainwashed
couch potatoes, manipulated voter lists, rigged voting machines or
predetermined ballot counts. It will be coming from us…

The 99 Percent



I am not just a Consumer. I am a Citizen. I will no longer be labeled Left
or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat, and I will
no longer follow the bought and paid for political Puppets who exploit those
labels. I am the People, and I am coming for the Puppetmasters. I am part
of the 99 Percent, and here are my demands:

1. End the Fed.
2. Reverse Citizens United.
3. Repeal PATRIOT Act.
4. Expose 9/11 Truth.
5. End Profit Wars.
6. Refund Taxpayer Trillions.
7. Imprison the Kleptocrats.
8. Single Term Limits.

Or, if these demands are not addressed promptly:

1. Regime Change.



"Democrat", "Republican", the parties of the system;
Puppets both, for sale their votes, no character or wisdom.

"Liberal", "Conservative", for change or status quo?
Pick either one, the change is none, all charlatans and whores.

Far "Left" we place the Anarchists, Libertarians claim far "Right";
Yet both decry the government: False continuum brought to light.

For oil, "We" bomb their mud huts, strip them bare, then offer "Aid";
And fake their retribution as pretext – a false flag raised.

Unarmed hundred thousands killed by weapons of "Defense";
While rights are lost for "Freedom" sake – on profit, all depends.

With stroke of pen, the "Patriot" Act, and patriots’ gifts are taken;
Then "Citizens United" leaves our citizens forsaken.

We protest loss of liberties, put "World Wide Web" to use;
Cloudmark Authority censors us for "messaging abuse".

They label us to finger-point. With labels, "They" deride us.
Their labels keep us all at bay. For with labels, "They" divide us.

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Compact, Portable Design
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Stop Pumping Indicator
A beep will let you know when to stop pumping for added assurance of an accurate reading.

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99 Memory
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General Health Tips

General Health Tips

General Health Tips

A person’s health will always be its greatest asset. Ask anyone and he will tell you why I always prefer to want material things, it has always been blessed with good health. The importance of Good Health should be taught to children while they are still young so that when older, and have come accustomed to a healthy lifestyle.

Some parents give their children everything and let them eat unhealthy foods. That the reason they can allow their children to eat whatever they want because they are still young and have all the time in the world to look after their health when they grow old. This seems to be a mistaken notion, because a child lives by what has been taught since I was a baby. Thus, a child who was raised eating unhealthy foods will always have a yen for this type of food, even when it is already an adult.

Every responsible parent should teach their children the general health advice that children should live, and when they become older. Training children to live and the right to eat healthy foods can make a difference in how to care for their health later in life. It is always wise to teach children to drink plenty of water instead of carbonated drinks, while they are still young. Water is an elixir of health. Drink plenty of water can do wonders for the skin and overall health of a person.

Every child should be taught the value to start the day by eating a healthy breakfast. A healthy child who has proper nutrition and exercise for better performance in school than a child who skips breakfast and exercise. Sanitation should also be part of health councils, which must be given to children. This should include regular washing of hands with soap and water. This practice can minimize the transfer of bacteria when children are playing dirty with the sick or playing with objects.

However, parents should also ensure that children have completed the shooting of vaccination at an early age. They also ask their doctors for new vaccines that can be given to children to prevent the spread of new diseases. Even parents need to practice these tips to serve as General Health as good examples for their children. It is foolhardy to teach children to practice the same things when the parents do not preach.

It is also a good idea to undergo annual checkups to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the person. Thus, diseases are easily detectable and can be treated at an early stage before it worsens.

While there are diseases that are transmitted genetically, a person should always take care of your health and your family by hitting the boards of health.

There are other things you can do to lead a healthy life, but the important thing is to be conscious of what you have to do and what one must avoid to keep a healthy life.

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What are some general health tips that are great to follow?

Question by Goal: -6 by 0209: What are some general health tips that are great to follow?
How can I stop giving in to cravings for chocolate and cookies? (That’s the only unhealthy stuff I’m addicted to).
I always crave a sweet breakfast, so I have cereal or jam on toast. What are some healtheir alternatives? With little sugar?

Best answer:

Answer by userafw
I am just starting the Nutrisystem program myself (so I can’t say if it works yet, plus I haven’t exactly been consistent)
but I read their boards, and people there who actively avoid sugar tend to prefer things like eggs for breakfast. So I would say probably something like ham or eggs or bacon or sausage, just watch your fat intake. Pancakes with fruit are good too. Some days, I just have a tall glass of orange juice for breakfast because I’m not hungry when I first wake up. Oatmeal also has less sugar than say, sweet cereal. Or you could try a bran or a blueberry muffin (but not a huge one).

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“No study published over the last 20 years has reported a relationship between dietary cholesterol intake and heart disease risk in the general population.”

“No study published over the last 20 years has reported a relationship between dietary cholesterol intake and heart disease risk in the general population.”
healthy eating articles
Image by zJMac…

Straightforward facts on dietary fat and health
It’s actually an essential nutrient, and our obsession with dietary cholesterol is misguided, experts say

By David Feder Special to the Tribune

August 26, 2009

We’ve become a culture where a serving of fettuccine Alfredo is nicknamed " heart attack on a plate" and french fries are frequently mentioned with the prefix "artery-clogging."

Rarely does an article about dietary fat inform us that fat is an essential nutrient without which we would surely die. However, for most of us, fretting over dietary fat and cholesterol is unnecessary.

For generations, experts have prescribed a set of rules for everyone based on risk factors of illness in only one segment of the population.

"The results of cholesterol and heart disease research was not meant to be applied to healthy people or the world at large," said Dr. Donald McNamara, a cholesterol research scientist and director of Eggs for Health Consulting in Laurel, Md. He compares such an approach to "prescribing the same pair of glasses to everyone."

Few experts argue that for those with cholesterol levels outside the norm, or with high risk factors for cardiovascular disease, dietary change often can be a valid intervention. But when it comes to high-fat foods such as burgers, cheese, butter and cream being liberally shunned by those bent on lowering their cholesterol intake, it’s time to lard the conversation with a little straightforward science on dietary fat and health.

Your body knows how to handle dietary fat, and if you’re not overweight and have no other high-risk conditions, your risk of heart disease is probably low. That means even if you occasionally eat several slices of pizza with a Haagen-Dazs chaser, you needn’t punish yourself with guilt and worry. The stress will probably do more damage than the Super Bowl special you just ate. According to Mark Anthony, nutrition science instructor at St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, and author of "Gut Instinct: Diet’s Missing Link," analysis of the research into cholesterol and disease is bearing this out.

In 2006, scientists at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, published a comprehensive analysis of multiple studies on dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol in the British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin. Their conclusion was emphatic: "The idea that dietary cholesterol increases risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) by turning into blood cholesterol is compelling in much the same way that fish oil improves arthritis by lubricating our joints."

Specifically, the team noted, "the scientific evidence to support a role for dietary cholesterol, [or the cholesterol we eat, as opposed to serum cholesterol, which is the cholesterol in our bloodstream], in CHD is relatively insubstantial in comparison with the incontrovertible link between its circulating blood relative in LDL cholesterol and CHD."

McNamara concurs: "No study published over the last 20 years has reported a relationship between dietary cholesterol intake and heart disease risk in the general population." He also points to data from the famous "Seven Countries Study" that analyzed subjects with the same levels of cholesterol, across different cultures. Absolute rates of heart disease varied widely. Another eye-opening statistic cited by McNamara is that roughly half the incidents of heart disease occur in people with normal cholesterol.

The type of fat in your diet does matter to some degree. Trans fat, derived predominantly from highly processed oils, was shown to be more strongly associated with cardiovascular disease. It was ultimately subjected to strict labeling and voluntarily removed from thousands of foods and beverages.

However, many research studies have shown that natural fat in foods such as eggs and dairy products has no effect on the risk for cardiovascular disease. Some studies have shown a positive effect of dairy consumption on reduction of disease risk. Saturated fats from sources other than eggs and dairy, such as from meat, once were associated with increased disease risk. Later studies are proving the issue to be more complex than that. And studies of saturated fats from plants such as coconut and palm oil are revealing positive health benefits.

Most important, mono- and polyunsaturated fats from olive oil, nut oils and vegetable oils, and the omega oils found in fish, flax and nuts boast thousands of studies backing their benefit to health for everything from protection against cancer, heart disease, certain birth defects, depression, cognitive decline and more.

Authors of the Harvard School of Public Health OmniHeart Study comparing popular diets and food intake concluded that, "in the setting of a healthful diet, partial substitution of carbohydrate [with] monounsaturated fat can further lower blood pressure, improve lipid levels and reduce estimated cardiovascular risk."

Simply put, the connection between the amount of fat we eat and the fat clogging our arteries and stopping our hearts turns out to be far more complicated than a blanket prescription of " low-fat diets for everyone" can address.

It doesn’t negate the value of eating a balanced diet, with the majority of calories coming from fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods. But it does mean that, if we have been taking care of ourselves by maintaining a healthy weight and staying active, we don’t have to seek penance every time we butter our toast.

David Feder is a registered dietitian and director of S/F/B Communications Group, a national co-operative of food, health and nutrition experts.

Copyright © 2009, Chicago Tribune

School Lunch Program: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony

School Lunch Program: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony

This digital document is an article from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony, published by Stonehenge International on June 1, 2003. The length of the article is 404 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: School Lunch Program: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating.
Publication: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (Newsletter)
Date: June 1, 2003
Publisher: Stonehenge International
Volume: 2003 Issue: 6 Page: NA

Distributed by Thomson Gale

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Price: $ 5.95

Do you have general kitchen/cooking tips?

Question by mom23boys: Do you have general kitchen/cooking tips?
I am trying to put together a list of cooking tips for a newlywed wife. What are some tips that would have been helpful for you had you known them when you first started cooking?

Best answer:

Answer by Catty_lac
Don’t microwave metal! lol oops…
Put about a half a teaspoon of sugar in the water when you are boiling frozen vegetables, it’ll make them taste fresh.

Add your own answer in the comments!

What are some helpful tips on budgeting and saving in general?

Question by Sadie: What are some helpful tips on budgeting and saving in general?
I make good money but feel like I’m throwing most of it away and I don’t even know where it goes! I’m not even sure how to do a budget. What are some tips that have worked for you as far as making a budget and sticking to it? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by D.O…
Write down what you spend your money on, every single thing, on a sheet of paper or you could type it. I could do it if you’d like if you’re confused, if you like. Things you spend your money on, in your eyes is something you need, but in someone elses its something you don’t need!

If you buy energy drinks/coffee every week, stop that to save money. If you rent movies weekly, then cut back or stop completely for a few weeks. If you’re saving for a vacation/car etc, then their are some banks that help you save money. They give you a credit card, and evertime you use it, they put your left over change into a saving account, and intime you’ll of saved a couple 100$ without knowing it, even more.

Stop or cut back on junk foods when buying grocceries. Such as sweets: Candy, Ice Cream, etc, and chips to if you wan’t chip I suggest getting store brand chips, you’ll save a dollar or so, or if you really wan’t to cut back, just buy store brand items, you’ll save quickly if you continue doing that, and if you cut back on junk foods to.

Sorry, if this didn’t help you at all. If it didn’t try this out, it’s a budgeting tool.

Give your answer to this question below!

Monitor TypeManual Inflate
Measurement MethodOscillometric
DisplayLiquid Crystal Digital Display
Measurement RangePressure: 0-300mm HG, Pulse: 40-199 beats/minute