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Guy’s Game Day Playbook Kraft & Nabisco brands coupon booklet

Guy’s Game Day Playbook Kraft & Nabisco brands coupon booklet
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I found this coupon booklet at Albertsons. It contains 5 coupons for Ritz crackers, Kraft or Cracker Barrel cheese, Oscar Mayer deli fresh meats, Velveeta cheese, Ro*tel canned tomatoes and Philadelphia cream cheese

how can I create a game for children to promote healthy eating?

Question by .suzyQ.: how can I create a game for children to promote healthy eating?
I volunteer in a children’s classroom and I need to create a game or activity to promote healthy eating in children. But, I can’t think of anything. PLEASE Help

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Answer by severus
You can make a board game. You can make flash cards. You can have them write a song and perform it. You can write a play or have them do it. You can have each one learn about one healthy food, and give a presentation either to your group or the class or going from room to room. You can make hand puppets representing vegetables. You can have them grow grass, so they learn how plants are grown. You could ask to teacher to arrange a field trip to Whole Foods, where they will give a presentation or maybe come into the classroom.

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Eat to Win Board Game

Eat to Win Board Game

  • Play Your Way Healthy
  • “Funutritional” Game for the Whole Family
  • Interactive! Educational! Wildly Fun!
  • It’s so much Fun Kids won’t even Realize they are Learning
  • Play the Board Game that’s not Boring!

Fun Interactive Board Game where YOU become the game piece!
Land in the Banana Split Pit or Chocolate Lava Fountain and… it will cost you!
Every Food space is equal to the average number of calories for that item!
Have fun traveling through our four fun parks and earning extra bucks!
Don’t be a couch potato!
Nonstop laughter when you or your opponent land on one of our Do IT spaces around the board! You never know what silly dance or activity you may end up doing!
Challenges…Trivia …Entertainment… for the entire family!
A game where you get up and move and have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re learning!
Recommended for ages 6-13, but fun for the whole family!
The Game Includes:
? 40 Do It Activity Cards
? 40 Eat It Trivia Cards
? 20 Challenge Cards
? 6 Mover pieces
? Game Board
? Player Guide
? 30 Food Tokens
? Fun Money
? Custom Tray
? 1 Die

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 24.95