Frugal Living: How To Save Money When Buying Gifts

OPEN ME!! Too many friends and family to buy gifts for during the year? Well I have some tips to help you save some money and still get things that they really like. This is by all means not trying to be cheap. Enjoy. Canadian Yearly Sale Cycle Guide: MY LINKS: Makeup Brushes I Use (free gift if you spend ): My other channel: Twitter: My Blog (I post 3 times a week): My Polyvore Fashion Look Book xoxo GLOSSette
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Recap Q&A: Would You Join a Frugal Crew?

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Frugal Living: Eat Cheap & Fresh

OPEN ME!! This video shows you how to cut costs without using coupons. Sometimes it is just impossible to use coupons when you are buying produce since there is no such thing. Sacrificing cost does not require you to sacrifice nutrition. ( I am not a nutritionist.) The guide pertains to Canadian produce but I’m pretty sure it will work for those in the States. Again these are just some approximates. Enjoy!! Join me in the 0/ Month Grocery Challenge: Free Printables (The Canadian In Season Produce Guide): Next in this series I will show you how to keep track of your stockpile. Too many backups? Not a problem!! Previous Video (Managing Your Chores and Cleaning): MY LINKS: My other channel: Twitter: My (back up again) Blog: My Polyvore Fashion Look Book xoxo GLOSSette
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The Frugal Toad

The Frugal Toad

The Frugal Toad is a personal finance blog with a frugal twist. Money saving advice in the following areas: travel & leisure, household, retirement, college, investing, DIY , and more…

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Frugal Upstate’s Walmart/Seventh Generation Challenge, Week 1 Report

See how Jenn of did on her first week of the Walmart Generation Sustainability Challenge! This week she had challenged herself to be more sustainable by saving on electricity. And of course find out about next week’s challenge & goals! Don’t forget to check out my fellow Walmart Moms who are in on the challenge! Sheena of Sophistishe, Jennae of Green Your D├ęcor, Monica of MommyBrain Reports and Denise of Wholesome Mommy. *Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Seventh Generation has provided me with products. Walmart has provided me with compensation to blog about attempting a more sustainable household for a month. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own.
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What are some precautions I can take to get used to being more frugal with my money?

Question by ARTY: What are some precautions I can take to get used to being more frugal with my money?
I’m used to spending money for no reason but, I recently started to become more tight and, live on a budget. Any tips to get used to it and, kill my temptations to going back into bad spending habits. My goal is basically to go from one extreme to the other. Go from being aa compulsive spender to the polar opposite.

Best answer:

Answer by eskie lover
I’ve been frugal and a tightwad for most of my life. Here are some tips on how not to spend money needlessly and build some savings at the same time.

Use coupons whenever possible, at the grocery, to buy fast or restaurant food, at the discounters and drug stores. Take the amount of money you saved by doing so and put it into a savings account.

Set up a regular amount of money that goes into a savings account whenever you are paid and take that off of the top, in other words pay yourself first.

Be cognizant of what you are spending by giving yourself a set amount of money in cash to spend at the grocery store or on entertainment or for luxury items.

Watch prices. There are certain times of the year that categories of items go on sale, buy then. For example, linens always go on sale in January, good time to buy sheets and towels.

Do research. Especially when purchasing big ticket items. Compare prices or get at least three estimates before making the buy.

Re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose. Before pitching an item consider whether it has another life as something else. For example, I like to burn candle jars and when they are finished I re-use the jars after cleaning them out. They can be used to make another candle by taking the remnants of other candles melting them down and adding a wick. They are great containers to share a soup or stew with a neighbor or sick friend. And, they make wonderful containers to give home baked goodies in during the holidays.

Use store brands. Almost all of them carry money back guarantees and many are even made by the major manufacturers. They are generally 33-40% less than the national brands.

Stay away from the malls, discounters and your favorite stores unless there is something you actually need to buy from them. And then only carry enough cash to pay for that item.

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Frugal Food Purchases High Nutrition

In response to the recent video where a woman spent on a week’s worth of groceries at places like Wallmart and Safeway with coupons. Her family was eating nothing but white flour, nitrates, canned cherries…no food in their food! Here is what I managed with . Fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, lots of meal possibilities, and no high fructose crap. Check out my blog for more simple living and money saving tips
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