Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce

Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce

  • Made with 100% pure beef liver
  • High in protein
  • Contains no preservatives or additives
  • No refrigeration required
  • Preferred choice of trainers for over 30 years

Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats are 100% pure beef liver. They were developed many years ago as a tool for training pure bred dogs for show, and as an obedience tool for dogs in the ring. Over the years the use of freeze dried treats expanded from professional dog trainers and breeders to pet owners that want a more natural and healthy treat for their pets

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Dehydrated Broccoli Flowerets (8 oz. Jar) – Perfect for Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Family Planning, Hiking Camping Backpacking. Brocoli, Broccolli, Freeze Dried

Dehydrated Broccoli Flowerets (8 oz. Jar) – Perfect for Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Family Planning, Hiking Camping Backpacking. Brocoli, Broccolli, Freeze Dried

  • Freeze Dried Fruit
  • Camping, Hiking, Food Storage
  • Great Taste!
  • Harmony House Name!
  • Healthy Food!

Our JAR SIZE contains a FULL QUART of delicate Broccoli Flowerets, and now comes with our new Freshness Seal! Broccoli Flowerets are a delightful addition to any meal… Use them in soups, stews, or other recipes–or just cook and eat plain! They hold more of their nutritional value than their canned or frozen counterparts so serve them to your family with confidence. Enjoy the fresh flavor of broccoli without all the washing & cutting.

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Easy healthy meals that freeze well?

Question by Trish: Easy healthy meals that freeze well?
I cannot cook very well, and I live by myself so food tends to go bad pretty quick. I’m looking for fairly healthy meals that are easy to make, (don’t have tomatoes – I can’t eat them), freeze and reheat well. It would be nice if I could also take them to work.

I’d really appreciate help, including details of how to reheat or how to freeze the foods. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Chetak.
Home Made Soups.
Rice Meals.
Pasta Meals.

I will often make dinner for an extra person, and when I serve out I have a serving to be frozen.

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Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving – More than 125 Recipes

Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving – More than 125 Recipes

  • ISBN13: 9781580176828
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Millions of shoppers save money buying groceries in bulk — trays of boneless chicken breasts, pairs of flank steaks, and flats of ripe tomatoes. But savings can quickly become losses if those bulk quantities spoil in the refrigerator or lie forgotten — unlabeled and unrecognizable under layers of ice crystals — in the back of the freezer.

Kati Neville and Lindsay Tkacsik have built businesses teaching home cooks how to take advantage of bulk savings by shopping wisely; converting food purchases into delicious, healthful family dinners; and labeling and storing the meals for easy access on busy days. They share all their best recipes and organizational wisdom in Fix, Freeze, Feast, a cookbook every price-conscious shopper will love, and warehouse club members shouldn’t be without. With their help, home cooks will have freezers stocked with easy-to-prepare entrées, ready to be defrosted and cooked for weeknight family dinners. Imagine the comfort of knowing a homecooked meal is always available.

Each recipe includes instructions for dividing, preparing, and storing the raw ingredients, and a second set of simple directions for thawing, cooking, and enjoying the food. Designed for the way people cook today, Fix, Freeze, Feast meals are lighter and fresher than traditional bulk-cooking recipes, with a focus on simple stews and stir-fries, quick grilled or broiled main courses, and popular ethnic meals such as Beef Fajitas and Cashew Chicken Stir-fry.

Add to the entrées ready-to-bake cookie doughs, warming soups and side dishes, fruit smoothies, and portable kids’ snacks, and those warehouse club shopping trips begin to look more valuable than ever. This is a system that saves time, saves money, and saves families from the empty calories of takeout food. Make room in the freezer for next week’s dinner!

Praise for Fix, Freeze, Feast

“[Fix Freeze, Feast] delivers some yummy new recipes that are easily stored and don’t look or taste like frozen meals when they’re served days later . . . Fix Freeze, Feast promises to ease the stress of cooking and ensure that you’re well fed, with hearty meals, throughout the week or month.”
— (Ladies Home Journal)

“Fix Freeze, Feast is a smart book to keep on the shelf . . . There’s nothing like a hot meal after a long, hard day at work, especially if all the work was done weeks ago!”
— Scripps News Service

“If you resolved to cook more at home in 2008, Fix, Freeze and Feast can help . . . In addition to recipes they also have tips for organizing your shopping list, packaging meals and preventing freezer burn.” — Spokane Spokesman-Review

“If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat home-cooked meals as a family more often, Fix Freeze, Feast could be just the help you need to accomplish that . . . Fix Freeze, Feast won’t guarantee getting a scattered family home for dinner more often, but it will definitely make it much easier to get the meal on the table.” — The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

“Not so much a cookbook as a bulk-saving survival guide for harried cooks everywhere.” — Northern Virginia Magazine

“The authors do a great job offering clear instructions for the cooking, an important final step that is too often left to guesswork.” — (Memphis) Commercial Appeal

Rating: (out of 97 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.95

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What are some healthy dinners I can make ahead of time and freeze?

Question by Beeba: What are some healthy dinners I can make ahead of time and freeze?
My husband and I are both teachers and both very much on the go. He’s a high school band director; I’m an English teacher and I work part time at a pet store (It’s fun and with the new home we just purchased we need the extra cash). I’m also a percussion instructor on his marching band staff. There are going to be many nights in the fall when I’m not going to be around at “dinnertime” and my husband is not much of a cook and not very good at making healthy food choices. I’m a very good cook, so what I’d like to do is make a few healthy dinners that I can freeze and write idiot-proof instructions on so that my husband won’t either clog his arteries or starve when I’m not home for dinner. I know my way around the kitchen so feel free to get complicated on my end of the deal–the thawing/serving part should be easy for my husband’s sake, however.
I considered crock pot meals, but what I really want are meals I can make days or weeks in advance. I’ll never have time in the morning to prepare a meal and the night before I’ll either have work or band until 10pm. Sundays are my “getting stuff done” days.

Best answer:

Answer by jennie m
lasagna (veggie or meat), meat loaf
(use lean meat xtra tomatoes & onions,
chicken parmesean w/mozzerella,
spinach casserole- these are usually in
our freezer, pre-cooked & ready to heat.

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