Tutorial: 5 Simple Tips for Healthy, Flawless Skin

These are 5 of my tips (in no particular order) to help you achieve healthy, clear skin and prevent breakouts. This will not help you cure acne or other more serious skin problems, but they are just general tips for healthy skin 🙂 1. Diet – cut back on greasy/fried and spicy foods. Try to eat more nutritious foods with vitamins A, B, C, and E. 2. Water – drink lots of water to help your body naturally cleanse. 3. Sleep – get a decent amount of sleep regularly to help your body heal and fight off germs. 4. Contact – take preventative actions to minimize contact between your face and anything that is dirty or can carry bacteria. Wash your face regularly. 5. Moisturize – to maintain your skin’s natural balance of oils and moisture…otherwise your skin will go on overdrive producing oil and can cause breakouts! By the way, just to clarify…when I mention “diet” in this video, it refers to what you eat on a regular basis (not as in “go on a diet”). Thanks for watching! Twitter: www.twitter.com Blog: missericasblog.blogspot.com Contact me: missericaonline @ gmail.com

Women Fitness Training – Avoid the #1 Reason You’ll Never Attain A Flawless Figure

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Skin Care Tips for Flawless Skin

This is my skin care routine plus some tips on how to keep your skin looking flawless and glowing. I just washed my face and I have no makeup or anything on. You’ll notice that I have dark circles underneath my eyes. Usually, when I do everything I talk about it this video, the dark circles under my eyes disappear. But right now I have some health problems with my back and I don’t sleep well. So little sleep means having dark circles under eyes. It is what it is. The products I mention are: L’Oreal Derma Genesis Serum La Roche Posay Effaclar M – Mattifying Moisturizer Clinique All About Eyes Leafy greens and other veggies and fruits 🙂 Don’t forget that lots of exercise and good rest is key to beauty inside and out.

Bodybuilding Diet Meal Plan: 5 Tips For Creating Your Flawless Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Bodybuilding Diet Meal Plan: 5 Tips For Creating Your Flawless Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Developing the perfect bodybuilding diet meal plan for you will boost your muscle gains and healthy fat loss by 1000% or more! All the perfect lifting can only get you so far without the right diet plan. Think of it this way: by driving your car properly, you will keep it in good shape. But without putting the right fuel and oil in it, it will never perform as well, and it certainly won’t last as long. As you know, working out is vital, but utilizing a solid bodybuilding meal plan is essential to getting ripped. The key here is to work harder and smarter to maximize your results.

Some key points to consider when creating your bodybuilding diet plan:

1. Eat 5-6 small meals per day, about 2-3 hours apart to keep your metabolism and energy up, cravings down and muscles fed constantly which encourages growth.

2. Determine how many calories you should consume each day, and stick to it. You must consume more than you burn to gain muscle!

3. Shoot for 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20 % fat of all calories consumed.

4. Get 10% of your target calorie intake in grams of protein. (E.g. 3,000 calorie diet: 300 grams of protein per day. 6 meals: 50g or protein each)

5. Drink water in ounces equal to 60% of your body weight in pounds. (E.g. 180 pounds: 108 oz. per day, or 3.2 liters)

These are all widely accepted fundamentals of a proper bodybuilding diet plan, so keep them all in mind when planning your meals. It can get really tough to find the time to meet all of these criterion properly, and follow the plan to perfection, but luckily there are pre-made meal plans you can tailor to your specific needs.

Many professional bodybuilders have come up with bodybuilding diet meal plans, but very few have done so for every level of caloric intake. So, you need to first figure out how many calories you’re going to consume, then work with a diet plan that will work well for your level.

Typical sample bodybuilding diet plans look something like this:

Meal 1: (Pre-workout): 6 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal

Meal 2: (Breakfast): Meal replacement bar/shake, high in protein and flaxseed oil

Meal 3: (Mid-morning): 8 oz. lean meat, 2 cups green vegetables, 1 cup brown rice

Meal 4: (Lunch): Tuna in water, leafy salad, whole-wheat bagel

Meal 5: (Dinner): 8 oz. lean meat, 2 cups green vegetables, 1 baked potato

Meal 6: (Snack): Meal replacement packet, flaxseed oil

This type of bodybuilding diet meal plan will greatly increase your muscle gains, but it is difficult to tell how much of each item is right for your caloric intake. It is also hard to know what you can substitute when you’re bored of this regimen after a couple weeks of eating the exact same things every day.

Thankfully, there are some programs that provide detailed meal plans that stick to rock-solid diets like the one above, but allow you to mix up the meals as you see fit throughout each phase of your workout plan, all suited to your level.

It is an excellent idea to start by eliminating bad fats and processed sugars from your diet if you have not already. Do not try to jump into your new bodybuilding diet meal plan right away, either. It will take some getting used to, but by steadily building up to your perfect meal plan, and following the system, you’ll get ripped and stay that way!

Like the old saying goes:

“Plan your work, and work your plan!”

But keep in mind that it’s a lot easier when you can take out the guesswork by following a professional natural bodybuilder’s advice when coming up with your bodybuilding diet plan. Either way, once you have your plan, just stick to it, and you’ll love the result!

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