Healthy, five-minute meals in a bowl Chef Carol Ritchie has reached a new goal in the Methodist To Life! weight-loss program. She’s lost 23 pounds and 6/12 inches from waist and is feeling new dedication and motivation in her weight-loss journey. In this webisode she talks about how she met the food challenges of a family reunion and exercised throughout and she prepares “dinners done” — five-minute, five-ingredient meal wonders in bowls — including an Asian stir-fry bowl with brown rice, stir fried veggies, lean beef and low-sodium sauce, a salad with red leaf lettuce, kidney, pinto, and black beans, rotisserie chicken and a light ranch dressing mixed with low-sodium salsa, and an Italian favorite with whole wheat penne pasta, sautéed spinach, and lean Italian turkey. Happy, healthy eating!
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The Five-Minute Mom’s Club

The Five-Minute Mom’s Club

As a busy mom, you’ve probably said to yourself, “If I could just get organized, my life would be easier.” Stephanie Vozza, author of The Five-Minute Mom’s Club, used to think organization was the key to a happy home. “I thought if a task caused me stress, there was something wrong with me,” she says. “But guess what? Neither is true!”

Stephanie found that the real key to a happy home is spending time on what’s important to you. In her blog, Stephanie will help you stop feeling inadequate and insist that you don’t change who you are to match a task. Instead, she’ll help you find quick solutions and timesaving tools to match your personality, so you can start crossing things off of your to-do list.

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