Unbiased Fitness Equipment Review: The Ab Dolly (Final Grade: B)

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts
low fat menu
Image by Sifu Renka
Mandarin aerated chocolate (absent), Violet tartlet, Carrot and orange lolly, Apple Pie Caramel "Edible Wrapper"

Only a five minute taxi-ride away from Maidenhead Station is the illustrious Fat Duck restaurant, and a kitchen headed by Chef Heston Blumenthal of molecular gastronomic fame. The low ceilinged room of the former Ringers pub has its dining area on the first floor that is separated in the front with an artistically designed fire place sculpture, surrounded by bare walls, and topped with low and exposed rustic beams, possibly highlighting the "no frills" nostalgic flavours of Chef Blumenthal’s cooking. Further analysis might also suggest that the room reflects the approach to his cuisine, where a clean slate is presented so that all attention can be focused on the interestingly presented, re-designed dishes that are served from the extensive tasting menu.

Service is professional – formal but not stuffy, proper and unobtrusive – and notably used to foreign visitors who are no doubt keen on eating and drinking. Each staff member appeared to have assigned roles (e.g. as expected one looks after beverages, but there were more specific tasks like one being responsible solely for the butter service or one only for the liquid nitrogen palate cleanser). Chef Blumenthal was present, but only at the start of service before "retreating to the prep kitchen/lab across the street." However our meal at what was supposedly the second best restaurant in the world (at the time of our visit), was not about the service and show (and entertainment was had by the ample use of liquid nitrogen, the subsequent consumption of those wares, and the play on the dishes) as much as it was about the food.

There have been extensive reports and opinions expressed about the novelty and humour behind chef Blumenthal’s cuisine. From the quality of the products that he isn’t shy to source or display to their unique combinations on a plate (mustard ice cream anyone? Passion fruit with lavender and a raw oyster?), my experience at The Fat Duck did leave a favourable impression on my little food enthusiast heart. In fact, I was most surprised to note that the courses that impressed me most in their taste were also the most unique – aka innovative: The Sound of the Sea, Snail Porridge, and Nitro-Scrambled Eggs. I’m never one to buy into gimmick alone (when it comes to food) but these much lauded dishes were indeed very impressive and worthy of their accolades. Yes, The Fat Duck does thrown insane concepts or presentations in front of those patrons who participate in the tasting menu, but isn’t that what those same diners are seeking/asking for? I cannot imagine a willing person venturing into such an establishment to not have an interest or curiosity in Blumenthal’s nostalgic foods (particularly at this price point); and even if we weren’t distracted by the bells and whistles, one thing is clear: the flavours are simple, good, clean and satisfying.

I hope to have the fortune to return one day and try The Fat Duck’s a la carte menu (the dishes seemed flavourful and awesome from their written descriptions and from the courses I saw gracing our neighbouring tables) – this time catching chef Blumenthal and thanking him for those memorable moments of perfection.

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