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Dietitians Dish on Family Meal Times and Your Preschooler: Why It’s Important Learn about the importance of family meal times for your child. Eating together as a family is important to help establish healthy eating patterns for life. For general healthy eating information visit Created by and featuring Haldimand-Norfolk Dietitians Laura Tousaw & Michelle Saraiva Video Edited by Katie Sinkowski, RGD, Communications Services, Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit

Eating Clean Challenges: Family Not on the Same Page I recently posted of my decision to ‘Eat Clean’ and my first trip to the local Farmer’s Market. Well, when I came home, my husband announced he did not see ANY food among the things I brought home. I realized that as long as I was clean eating for me, I got the support, but the moment I decided I was going to cook this way for the family – well, they let me know – THEY did NOT make the same decisions I did. Now what? I don’t plan to do two sets of supermarket shopping and cook two sets of meals. Any suggestions? I look forward to hearing from you.

Does once a month cooking for a family of 5 really save enough money to make it worth it?

Question by Margaret: Does once a month cooking for a family of 5 really save enough money to make it worth it?
Hello. I am a mother of three beautiful children,ages 10,6 and 3 and am expecting a new little one in June. I work three 12-hour days per week. What we do right now is I make up two dinners the night before I am scheduled to work and my husband heats the second one up at the kids’ normal dinner time at 5, since I don’t get home until 7:30 or so. I was thinking about it and it might be easier and cheaper if I took one weekend out of the month to make all of our dinners for that month. I could come up with a two week plan for meals depending on sales, double the recipes, buy in bulk at Costco and then freeze them. It would be nice to just be able to throw something into the oven then go help with homework or whatever instead of having to take time away from my children to cook a healthy meal each day. So the convenience factor is definitely there. However, I was wondering if it would actually be cheaper by more than just a marginal amount to do it once a month. Have any of you done this? Has it saved you much money on your grocery bill? Any other drawbacks to once a month cooking?
We had tried that and it didn’t work out too well. I love my husband but he has trouble multitasking between cooking and watching the three of them. When he is home with only my older two, then he can cook just fine. It is my youngest son, who is three and extremely clingy, that creates the issue.

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Answer by T68
I recommend you work with your husband and let him know it is OK if he cooks 2-3 days/week. It is not that big of a deal. If he can make himself a sandwich, he can make a meal for the family.

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Family Tips for Budgeting Food Expenses – Equifax Family Money Matters Video Contest

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How can I eat healthy when my family eats so unhealthy (want recipes)?

Question by ℬℓỉѕѕƒυℓdяεąmsღ: How can I eat healthy when my family eats so unhealthy (want recipes)?
I’m concerned about my health. I want to eat healthier but my family brings home too much junk food for my 3 siblings. I do have willpower but I never have anything else to eat for dinner or when I get hungry, so I turn to the unhealthy food. I do have fruits and vegetables but I don’t like eating them by itself. Any tips on how to eat healthy? Also anyone know any recipes with healthy food that taste good? (I like avocados.)

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Answer by Emma
I’m impressed! Good for you in desiring/seeking a healthy alternative..

One of the simplest remedies, for when you are depending on someone else to provide the ingredients for your meals, is a ‘chef salad’ of sorts:

1) put lettuce in a bowl (spring greens are awesome and can be purchased pre-packaged; romaine lasts a long time..simply moisten a paper towel or two, squeeze dry and wrap the lettuce with it, then place in a plastic bag in the fridge)

2) pile on cooked shredded/chopped meat of any sort you have in the fridge

3) chopped hard boiled eggs

4) cooked pasta or rice

5) any fresh or canned vegies you like

6) sprinkle with shredded or diced cheese of your choice (including parmesan/romano/asiago types)

7) add your favorite dressing or salt/pepper/oil/vinegar & croutons or crumbled crackers or bacon or toasted sunflower seeds

Mix or match or add additional ingredients to your liking.

This quick meal includes fiber, protein, carbohydrates, etc and can be quite filling and healthy…

edited to add: perhaps you could add to the family grocery list so that you have some of these ingredients on hand?

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