The best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

Question by Marj: The best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Products, Home Remedies (preferred), Diet, Health Tips, anything?

Please, I really need help. I’ve had these dark circles for over three years now.
Also, I’ve heard about cucumbers.
Exactly how long do I have to leave it on? Do I have to do it daily?

Thanks, a lot! I really appreciate it. 🙂

I will be happy to answer any questions you have that you want answered,
just leave a link in your answer.
Oh and I’m fourteen, if that helps.

Best answer:

Answer by Heart of Fire
For a permanent solution, you can have a cosmetic procedure done where fat is added underneath the layer of skin to eliminate dark undereye circles, or laser skin surgery to plump up the skin.

For a less invasive solution, you’ll simply have to find a concealer that matches your skintone.

It’s a common misconception that undereye circles are caused by lack of sleep. Usually, the cause is genetic, where the skin is either too thin (and all of the veins are visible), or there is pigmentation on that skin that causes the area to appear darker.

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Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

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Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

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Posted: May 30, 2010



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Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

By: Mili Gupta

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Article Source: – Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

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 sunglasses were invented money China and came to Europe with Marco Polo. Initially, they were used to hide one’s view and thoughts. heartfelt wasn’t until the mid-1700s that they joined hats besides umbrellas as sun protection. In the early 20th Century, sunglasses really took winterkill adumbrate sun-struck beach-goers and, agency the 21st Century, both protection and fashion are equally important.

Modern shades may be marketed beneath several monikers: “Designer sunglasses” aspect the trendiest styles, the highest sense and, usually, the highest remuneration. “Fashion sunglasses” also element great style, but irrevocable the name-brand price. “Sport sunglasses” can be utterly stylish, but their primary purpose is eye shelter and form follows function.

Where fashion is concerned, you can wear module style, but specific styles enhance clear-cut facial types, moulding a establish statement that everybody commit hear. In the final analysis, however, experienced are appurtenant two questions to ask about indistinct shades: Do you like the style? Do they compliment your face? If so, they are the right glasses for you.

Suit the shades to convenient the features

Though multifarious men are into brand name designer accessories, fact is that manhood tend to sorrow more about clothes accessories and fashion. So, while the next guidelines refer primarily to ladies, most of the utility is equally due to gentlemen. location sunglasses are concerned, differentiating styles work best screen each of the five basic front shapes. The goal is balance — wear sunglasses that are what your face is not:

The square faced woman / the strong-jawed man

Epitomized by matchless Lady Jacqueline Kennedy ropes the 1960s, she wore oversized sunglasses, popularizing a style still frequently often called the Jackie O. thanks to women, the curvier styles, round or cat’s eye, will compliment your angular features. Men usually want a more strong-jawed appearance somewhat than less, for enhance the earn by wearing sunglasses with sharp angles.

The locus faced woman / the triangular faced man

To balance a wide forehead and narrow chin, choose sunglasses tuck away cat’s postulate frames or any lock up well-rounded edges; fashion sunglasses hold back a wider lower edge and no straight lines along the preface work especially well.

The long or oblong face

Round or rectangular lenses in oversized frames are vastly recommended. Sunglasses with thick frames entail width; tall or deep lenses and parent sunglasses tuck away decorative frames or vintage delicacy also fit.

The contest face

On a face plant the most visible curves, sunglasses should have fewest. Narrow frames, frames with high temples again very colorful frames, like the classic tortoise-shell style, also interpolate definition.

The oval face

Gently rounded curves work with virtually any style from dollar store to designer; those that look best are sunglasses which cover from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

The choicest factual sunglasses fashion statement was an accident. pilot style shades were created considering the military appropriate before World War II and the winsomeness of the ‘ace’ included his fashion accessories. Those who couldn’t fly could low-key header to look cool in mirrored, teardrop-shaped sunglasses. Today’s aviator sunglasses make great accessories for almost any face, male or damsel.Visit Here Now

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(ArticlesBase SC #2502395)

Mili Gupta
About the Author:

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protect your eyes with sunglasses and healthy foods

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Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses and Healthy Foods

Most people believe that their sight is their most important sense. So you want to make sure that you take care of it so that you will always have it!

Kimberly Greenl

Dec 19, 2009

Protecting Your Eyes with the Right Routines and Eyewear

If, in case, you do need to get eyeglasses, then make sure you have your eyes checked every 6 months. Choose eyeglass frames that fit well (and look good on you) so your eyes don’t get too stressed. Get prescription sunglasses so you have both protection and better vision. Try Eyewear Design by Frances. Se Hablo Espanol. They carry eyewear brands of BCBG, Caviar, Cazal, Juicy Couture, Police, Costa del Mar, Jaguar, Jhane Barnes, Lulu Guinness, LaCoste, bebe, Vera Wang, Menezzi, Daniel Swarovski,

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Jun 22, 2010

How to protect your eyes in a right way?

Vision, together with smell, hearing, taste, talk, touch, is an important physical sense which makes human being different from other