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Muscle enhancers help people to build muscle more efficiently, and omega-3 is one such enhancer because it deadens the inflammation in the body. Learn about the relationship between building muscles and healing muscles with help from a professional bodybuilder and trainer in this free video on muscle building tips. Expert: Rene Endara Contact: Bio: Rene Endara is a professional bodybuilder, trainer, and is CEO of his personal training company. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

The Dangers of MSG – Part 1 ‘The Hidden Danger in Your Food’ (Flavor Enhancers, E621)

Part 1 in this series on the flavor enhancer MSG or monosodium glutamate (E621) shows the hidden danger in our food today. MSG is used in thousands of products, such as snacks, soups, sauces, meats, flavored potato chips and most Chinese food. Trade names of MSG include Ajinomoto, Vetsin and Accent. MSG is ‘hidden’ in many other names, such as yeast extract, hydrolised protein and flavoring. MSG makes your food taste better but it’s NOT safe! The harmful effects of MSG include heart problems, cancer, ADHD, autism, growth disruptions, learning disorders, behavioral problems, obesity, hormonal imbalance, damage to the retina, etc. Many problems don’t become obvious until puberty. This is caused by poor functioning of the hormones due to exposure to MSG in the first few years of life. MSG affects many parts of the body including heart, muscles, nerves, circulation, skin, eyes, stomach, intestines, respiration, etc. Losing weight is nearly impossible if you consume MSG as it increases appetite! The consumption of MSG, in addition to the consumption of trans fats and artificial sweeteners, is the main cause of the present obesity epidemic. Dr. John Olney discovered in 1969 that MSG caused brain damage and obesity in mice. Governmental agencies such as the US Food & Drug Administration insist that flavor enhancers are safe. But research that shows the safety of MSG is always financed by the food industry itself… Do yourself a big
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