Celina Cordoba In Cooking More With Less: Panko Encrusted Goodness With Caper Love

Cooking Moore With Less is JUST that. Cooking great food without all the dairy, eggs, white flour, sugar, or processed ingredients. These ingredients can stagnate and slow down NEW melanosites from forming which are KEY to producing new cellular growth that enhance the pineal organ and all its functions. I wanted to be able to answer questions directly by sharing my cooking techniques and experiences with anyone needing inspiration on how to prepare healthy, amazing tasty meals. We don’t use Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Tofu or Pork here. Just fish, grains greens and a lot of love. I hope to be able to continue to inspire mothers and families who may need a little reminding on how fabulous meals can be cooked at home. www.blackmombaworkouts.com