Miserly Moms: Living on One Income in a Two-Income Economy

Miserly Moms: Living on One Income in a Two-Income Economy

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

Jonni McCoy and her family are proof that you live on one income. The McCoys made a successful transition from two incomes to one while living in one of the most expensive parts of America: the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her Miserly Guidelines will help you save thousands of dollars a year on everything from groceries to electricity to insurance and household cleaners—as well as reveal the hidden costs of holding a job and common money wasters. Her practical, proven cost-saving techniques, strategies, tips, and recipes will help you live frugally without feeling deprived.

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Price: $ 2.75

HCG Diet Direct Urges Consumers to Be Aware of the Effects of the Economy on Their Weight

HCG Diet Direct

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) February 3, 2010

HCG Diet Direct urges consumers to be aware of the effects of the struggling economy on their weight and therefore their health. According to information published in the BMC Public Health journal indebtedness doubles the risk for obesity or overweight issues. The relationship indicates that lack of available money prohibits the individual’s ability to purchase healthy foods.

Jenny Boynton of HCG Diet Direct responds, “Eating healthy can definitely be more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got dieters on the HCG weight loss plan who say they’re saving drastic amounts of money each month after they learn to prepare their own foods. They create positive shopping and eating habits that enable them to not only better their health, but lower their grocery bill.”

HCG Diet Direct urges dieters looking to purchase healthy foods “on the cheap” to

1.    Check weekly grocery store ads. If time is of the essence choose the grocery store that has the most fresh produce on sale each week.

2.    Ask the local deli which day price reductions are taken on meat and stock up on reduced price proteins to keep frozen.

3.    Don’t be afraid to freeze foods for use later. Frozen, fresh fruit is perfect for smoothie recipes. Frozen meat can be defrosted when convenient.

4.    Check the surrounding area for farmer’s markets that offer fresh, local produce at drastically reduced prices. The produce typically doesn’t last as long, but it also has the benefit of carrying few chemicals used to prolong shelf life.

Eating healthy and losing weight is worth the cost; even in a tough economy. Obesity is estimated to decrease life expectancy by approximately 12 years. When thought of in these terms most individuals see the worth of healthy foods regardless of the price tag.

To get further information on HCG Diet Direct, oral HCG or other HCG diet topics, get in touch with Jenny Boynton at info(at)HcgDietDirect(dot)com or by phone at: 1-602-916-0002. Or you can visit HCG Diet Direct at their website at www.hcgdietdirect.com.

Contact: Jenny Boynton

Company: HCG Diet Direct


Phone: 602-916-0002

Email: info(at)HcgDietDirect(dot)com

# # #

Good Health in a Bad Economy

Good Health in a Bad Economy

Good Health in a Bad Economy

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Home Page > Health > Cancer > Good Health in a Bad Economy

Good Health in a Bad Economy

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Posted: Sep 27, 2008 |Comments: 0




Good health when you need it the most                    

This is a very draining and anxious time for many people.  But we can still do things to protect our health that isn’t a major investment.

Skin cancer doesn’t care whether the economy is good or bad, or about your skin color or whether it’s spring, fall, winter, summer.  It just does what it does without any concern about these things.

During difficult times, there are certain things we still need to do … walk the dog, get in the car and do food shopping, taking the kids to school.  And even though these can seem like such short periods of time, time outdoors accumulates.

The FDA recently passed a ruling changing the way sun protection is measured on sunscreen.  They also alerted consumers that sunscreen alone will not protect you.

So what can we do that’s simple, cost-effective, and will give us the protection we need?

Use sunscreen – and apply it often.  It wears off, and there goes the protection.
Wear a wide brimmed hat – even better if it’s a UV hat which covers your head, face and neck.
Seek shade during hours 10-4.  But what if there is no shade?

UV umbrellas will give you UV protection, and will cut some intensity of the sun.

Use these avenues of protection every day, not just when the sun is shining.  Clouds are no protection from skin cancer.
When you do something you know is good for you, you will feel better … even if other areas of life are not so good.

Contact:  Lynn Rose lost her husband to skin cancer and now makes UV accessories.

Toll-Free: 1-888-296-7673 and www.soleilchic.com.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/cancer-articles/good-health-in-a-bad-economy-580940.html”

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Lynn Rose
About the Author:

Lynn Rose lost her husband to skin cancer.Afterwards she wanted to help other so she came across this beautifull UV fabric she started making beautifull UV umbrellas and UV hats

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I m skini what can i do for little bit fat and good health because i m always feel tired and lazy what can i do please give me sugestion
I m skini what can i do for little bit fat and good health because i m always feel tired and lazy what can i do please give me sugestion
What do people need in a bad economy ?


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good health in a bad economy

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

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Picking Internet Marketing Niches That Will Prosper in a Bad Economy

When individuals are forced to cut back on their spending, they will not be able to purchase non-essential items as readily as they once did. However, unless individuals are in extreme dire straits they will still spend money. To succeed as an Internet marketer you have to figure out what people are least likely to give up even in difficult economic times and then focus on these markets.

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The Economy And Its Effects On The Home Improvement Scene

The Economy And Its Effects On The Home Improvement Scene

OK guys sit back and brace yourselves this one is not going to be funny. After I posted my blog on last Friday regarding my take on todays eonomy I began to see other opinions especially regarding it\’s effect on the modern day homeowner’s plan\’s or lack thereof on home renovations. In a blog posted 2/1/09 on “Walletpop” entitled “Home slump hits home decor trends”, Zac Bisonette cites “fancy kitchens and fireplaces that were so important to buyers during the housing boom are going out of style”. He goes on to say “It\’s hard to know what to make of these trends. Are they long-term changes in taste or is luxury just taking a leave of absence while people cope with plummeting job security….Even if luxury items like granite countertops and fireplaces are desirable, they may not be desirable enough to justify the additional expense.”
In the high flying days of the past ten years homeowners had available easy credit in the form of home equity loans, readily available credit cards and revolving credit terms from retailers. In 2008 with the U.S. banking and real estate crisis in full free fall these facilities have all but vanished. Banks have stopped lending, home mortgage loans are virtually a thing of the past and credit card companies have raised their interest rates and lower the credit available even to their best customers. Its easy to see why American’s taste for luxury items has diminished. The fact still remains, as I pointed out in my blog of 2/13/09, that this does not eliminate the need for refreshing of that tired old kitchen or bathroom to make your house more saleable if that is your fate or to make you home feel better to your family in these tough times. What it does mandate is a more frugal approach. Frugal does not mean “cheap” but instead indicates a more careful reasoned approach to how something is expended. Can you afford to replace your old laminated countertops with granite? Can you reasonably replace that linoleum in the kitchen with real hardwood floors? Can you afford custom made cabinets? new stainless steel appliances? Glass tile backsplashes? And the list goes on and on. In general the frugal answer is NO! This does not mean that you can’t make reasonable, attractive and useful changes to your kitchen or bathroom. You just have to be smarter in your choices as well as shopping smarter.
Here are some recommendations. Instead of granite you can choose from a wide assortment of man made surfaces, such as Corian, which in most cases can be half the cost of Granite and a whole lot easier to maintain. You can choose from dozens of forms of laminated flooring, such as \”Pergo” instead of hardwood floors again saving 50% or more. When recently finishing a family room/kitchen project in our basement I was able to find a weekend sale on laminated flooring at a major retailer for $.99 a square foot. That’s less than the .00 per sq.yard and less than the least expensive carpet plus my son was able to install it. We could not have installed carpet and that would have added another to per sq.yd or more to the price and we had the look of hardwood at a fraction of the price. As for custom made cabinets the best buy in cabinets and vanities today is in prefab cabinets which come broken down flat in cartons and you assemble them yourself. The most familiar of these come from vendors such as “Ikea” or like “Kraftmaid” available at the large home improvement stores. Not only are these cabinets a great buy but are high in quality and features. Can’t afford stainless steel appliances? Look at “Craigslist” any day and you will find great deals in practically new appliances at a drastic cut in price. The bottom line is shop smart and make educated choices. Take these ideas and team them with the suggestions I made in my previous blog such as upgraded faucets, sinks, new paint and other fixtures and you can have a great looking functional new look and space in your home at a reasonable attainable price. To reiterate my point, it is far more important than just vanity that we consider making these improvements. The economy is consumer driven. If we expect things to turn around quickly we all must regain our confidence that the American economy is resilient and has been a shining example to the world for 200+ years. To this end we need to invest in reasonable improvements. We need to spend carefully but we need to spend. Money sitting in a savings account drawing zero interest is not helping the economy. The banks aren’t lending the money, they are sitting on it. Investing in home improvements creates demand, creates jobs and works to restore the public confidence in our economic system.

Im a retired disabled accountant with vast knowledge in the DIY area having built several houses and worked on my own projects for 30+ years. I spend most of my days reading and responding to over 30 forums and discussion groups.
I currently author and manage a blog site for a friend’s builder supply business. I include personally written articles on the subject of home and home repair along with featured specials on products offered by the company

Rain, economy cut into fair numbers

Rain, economy cut into fair numbers
Larry Ball leaned against a counter in the empty kitchen. He took a breath and surveyed the scene: Deep fryers with nothing in them, grills wiped clean.
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TEXT-New Zealand Debt Office introduces 2019 bond
(The following statement was released by the DMO)
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Community Calendar: Sept. 28, 2010
HIP-HOP DANCE WORKSHOP: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 9, USC Band and Dance Hall, 324 Sumter St. Free for all middle and high school dancers and dance teachers and university students. Registration required. Deadline : Oct. 7. (803) 467-6928; e-mail: remixusc@gmail.com
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How to Get by and Thrive in Todays Bad Economy

How to Get by and Thrive in Todays Bad Economy

Are You Suffering Due to the Economy?

Does the Current Downturn Make Stretching a Dollar Impossible?

Are You Wishing You Could Get Some Relief?

Get the Answers You Need to Cut Expenses and Come Through This Mess With a Minimum of Loss!

Obviously, asking if you have been impacted by the current economic trend would be redundant. There isn’t a person out there who hasn’t been touched. In fact, if you told us you have not been affected, we’d have to assume you spent the last year on a deserted island!

The only saving grace (if there is one) is that we are all I this together. Naturally everyone’s situation is different, but all in all we have to survive this situation as a team.

There are steps you can take to help minimize the pain. Everyone likes to save a buck. However, we’ve become lazy in the “instant gratification – I want it now world” that we’ve gotten accustomed to.

The difference is that we can’t afford the luxuries we’ve taken for granted. The problem with that mindset is that it’s become such a habit that we don’t really know how to change it!

List Price: $ 4.77


Printable Coupons Online Help Improve The Economy And Save You Money

Printable Coupons Online Help Improve The Economy And Save You Money

Online printable coupons have become even more valuable due to high gas prices, rising food costs and the recent economy. The main advantage of using online coupons is to save money. We all work hard to earn our money so why pay full price on groceries and other good when you can use printable coupons online? All you need is a computer, internet access and a printer.

There are many resources to acquire printable coupons online. Here is one of the top resources and some advantages of using printable coupons online.

One of the best places to get printable food and grocery coupons is SmartSource.com. In order to print coupons you are required to enter your zip code and the website will literally find coupons available in your local area. How smart and easy is that?

The steps to print coupons are easy. You download and activate their coupon printer and follow the simple instructions from there. You can even sign up to have coupons directly sent to your e-mail. Shopping for your favorite foods and groceries and saving money was never easier.

Other free printable coupon websites are available by searching Google or your favorite search engine. Type in “free printable coupons” or “printable coupons online” and visit the array of websites listed. This can be inconvenient at times as there can often be old expired coupons listed on the pages you land on. Another good reason to join your favorite manufacturers or stores mailing lists.

Another way to find printable coupons online is to visit your favorite stores online and sign up for their mailing lists. Many offer coupons for their products and exclusive printable coupons for their subscribers.

Department Stores offer coupons and also offer online coupon codes. Some common department store coupons are Macys, The Limited, Victorias Secret, and Boscovs. Print out online coupons for use in-store or use online coupon codes to shop online. Restaurants offer printable restaurant coupons that can save you up to 70% on meals. Enjoy your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant or try a new restaurant.. Knowing you have a free coupon to put towards your meal makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Name brand coupons are available for print online and you do not have to give up your quality of food in order to take advantage of savings. Not only will you be able to purchase the foods of your choice, now you will save money, too. In times of inflated prices this is a simple and smart way to save more of your money.

Our story at 104Inc is simple: We like to help others. Imagine a team that consists of family and friends who all have the same passion in life. Imagine a group of individuals who sacrifice so much everyday in-order to attain their goal and one day live their dream. Now, imagine the amount of effort, motivation and discipline it takes for ordinary people like us having a burning desire to accomplish something extraordinary. Here at http://www.104Inc.com, we have the opportunity to do all of that. We have, the aspiration, the zeal and the motivation to help others in areas where they are less fortunate, including our own family and friends. It’s Simple. It’s 104Inc Approved.

The Value of Using Online Coupons in Today’s Economy

The Value of Using Online Coupons in Today’s Economy

Many coupon websites provide you with free online coupons and also show hot online deals or bargains. For those of you who love to shopping, you could actually save hundreds of dollars with valuable coupons when buying online or offline if you know where to look.

Free coupons can be used for a particular product or service. Coupons on coupon websites may be specific or general depending on what you are wishing to buy. A coupon could be a certain dollar amount or percentage off, but in the long run if you continue to use free coupons, you will save a lot of money. Free online coupons are available for a wide range of products and services…from clothing coupons to restaurant coupons. The coupon discounts from coupon websites are absolutely endless.

Online coupons are basically an advertisement and marketing tool that is used by companies and manufacturers to attract new or existing customers to establish and maintain them into loyal shoppers who will come back to purchase again and again. These coupons may have expirations, for example on a daily, weekly, monthly or limited time basis. You can purchase a wide variety of products and services by using these usually overlooked coupons that most people take for granted. Many people don’t realize coupons are a valuable resource and don’t bother utilizing them because they think that saving pennies is not worth the time or effort. In reality, there are coupons out there that can save you dollars not pennies, for example, purchasing an item for .99 and using a coupon code that discounts the price to .99 after applying the promotion code in the final checkout.

Free online coupons may not only be redeemable in online stores by using coupon codes, but you can also find printable coupons that you can use at brick and morter stores. Popular coupons for offline stores include a variety of grocery coupons, restaurant coupons, fast food coupons and service coupons.

Coupons are not only a benefit for shoppers, but also help provide a venue to the companies and manufacturers to feature and advertise their products, so it is a win-win situation for both parties. The websites that offer online coupons allow users to surf the website and access thousands of coupons, bargains and online deals free of charge. A recommended coupon website to find valuable and the most wanted coupons is www.WantedCoupons.com. Using a coupon website, such as this one, can save you money on purchases in today’s tough economy.

Rex Camposagrado – Online Marketing Consultant and bargain shopper.

Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy

Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy

  • ISBN13: 9780764206412
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With gas and food prices soaring, there’s more need than ever before for Jonni McCoy’s Miserly Moms. Jonni shares the money-saving strategies that allowed her family to transition from two incomes to one. These practical, proven strategies, tips, and recipes will help anyone live frugally without feeling deprived. Real-life examples show how anyone can learn to live more carefully and reach their financial goals. Now in its fourth edition, Miserly Moms is packed with even more ways to reduce a family’s expenses and expose hidden living costs.

Rating: (out of 22 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 6.42