How to Stretch Routine – Improve Flexibility Exercises – HASfit Static Stretches Cool Down Exercise

Learn how to stretch with this total body stretching exercise routine to improve flexibility. These static stretches can be performed as a cool down after ex…
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I have a blog and the views have recently gone wayyy down. How can I raise the views up?

Question by Emma Tardrew: I have a blog and the views have recently gone wayyy down. How can I raise the views up?
I want to make my blog more popular and spread the word. Plus I need some tips on making it so people want to come PLZ HELP ME!!!

Best answer:

Answer by kee
Major traffic-generating methods involve RSS feeds, search engine optimization (SEO), social networks, partnerships and community building. Also, popularity is not just measured in total number of unique page hits or number of followers. You should look for ways to retain readership, beyond a one-time visit. Just visiting and commenting on other blogs helps (popular ones or not). Marketing your blog effectively will take time and effort. Also, it’s not clear what you’ve already done to generate traffic, so you can see these posts for some ideas:

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“9 Things to Do to Make Sure that Your Next Blog Post is Read By More Than Your Mom”

“How Not to Promote Your Blog: Top 10 Broken Promotion Strategies”

“Three Simple Actions that Doubled My Website Traffic in 30 days”

See these sites for general blogging tips:
Daily Blog Tips:
Blogging Tips:

NOTE: Some web sites or forums have guidelines (like Yahoo! Answers) regarding advertising and/or posting external links. Posting against site rules can get you classified as a spammer and/or banned. So, posting your blog link “everywhere” without restriction is not an effective strategy. Again, see the links above for more productive methods.

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Is this exercise plan a winner? Will it help me slim down and get toned?

Question by TheLovelyStrange: Is this exercise plan a winner? Will it help me slim down and get toned?
Okay so I read online that Katherine Heigl’s workout was to jump rope for 5 minutes, then do strength training exercises, and then about 25 minutes of cardio such as running. Do you think this exercise plan would work if I put the activities in the opposite order? This is MY exercise plan:

25-45 minutes of running
Strength training exercises
5 minutes of jump roping

Will this help me get strong and fit?

Best answer:

Answer by jack
That sounds great if you stick to it! Any diet/exercise plan will make you strong & fit 🙂

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Dr. Simon Thornley Lecture On The 2012 Low Carb Down Under Tour

Dr. Simon Thornley, an epidemiologist from the University of Auckland in New Zealand ( ), exposes the flaws that are in modern nutritional science and how much of it is based on personal bias rather than what the data is showing. This snippet of his talk comes from the Sydney, Australia meeting on Saturday, November 24, 2012. Video courtesy of Jimmy Moore from who also attended and spoke at this event. Learn more about the Low Carb Down Under Tour here:
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1 week of healthy eating down!

1 week of healthy eating down!
Easy Healthy Dinners
Image by Melly Kay
last night’s dinner: baked zucchini & eggplant

omg this was soooooo good! I never really liked zucchini because my mom used to make it in the most disgusting ways lol. BUT I went out on a limb and tried this because I do like eggplant. It was so easy to make and it will definitely be in the rotation from now on 😀

Odell Down Under – Challenge Mode

Odell Down Under is an old game where you play as the creatures of the sea and must survive for as long as you can by eating and keeping yourself clean from infection. Each species of fish eats something specific and you have to find your food on the 9 panels before you starve to death and without getting eaten by something higher up in the food chain. When your health starts getting low, you need to find a cleaner fish to get it back up. The challenge mode picks out a few random fish from the food chain that you progress through (starting from bottom to top). The tournament mode makes you go through every fish in the game, starting from the very bottom of the food chain. This game is a good game to play when you just want to waste a little bit of time. Legends featured: Torus

Can people with Down Syndrome have healthy kids after they are married?

Question by : Can people with Down Syndrome have healthy kids after they are married?
-will they be able to conceive easily?If so,how many kids can they have?

Best answer:

Answer by momof3boys
Well marriage has nothing to do with it but yes there have been down syndrome parents that have had healthy babies. Their chances of getting pregnant are about the same as any other couple really and how many kids they would have well that would be up to their own individual bodies just like everyone else. There are a lot of risks as Down Syndrome comes with many health issues including risk of heart problems so there would most likely be extra monitoring for those factors.

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