What’s the best website that features diverse and easy to cook low fat and low carb recipes?

Question by Dante: What’s the best website that features diverse and easy to cook low fat and low carb recipes?

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Answer by Joanne A. W
Go here for lots of recipes:


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Backpackers Travel Further and Into Increasingly Diverse Territories

(PRWEB) March 21, 2006

They are travelling further and further off the beaten track, for example as well as the well-worn paths of Australia and Thailand, many are now adventuring into Vietnam, Laos, China, Indonesia and taking diverse overland routes all over Asia, Africa and South America.

Backpacker Travel Insurance (www.backpacker-travels.com) is ideal for the modern day backpacker. The site contains destination guides worldwide and is available to anyone between 18 and 49.

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Backpacker Travels (www.backpacker-travels.com) insurance offering is one of the cheapest on the market for this sector, but comes with no compromise on quality of cover.

Since the site was launched in November 2005 a number of people have purchased travel insurance from Backpacker Travels, thereby providing a unique service very much in demand by young independent travellers, many of whom have been reluctant in the past to purchase a travel insurance product.

www.backpacker-travels.com is also a useful resource for backpacker and gap-year travellers, with sections for traveller information such as visas, traveller health, tips as well as destination guides.

Backpacker Travels is a trading style of Club Direct (UK) Ltd which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.