What would you suggest as a good, healthy dinner?

Question by Casey Miller: What would you suggest as a good, healthy dinner?
I’ve been eating like absolute crap for the past few days. Domino’s pizza, pizza, homemade burritos, Taco Bell, Lasagna, spaghetti and meatball sandwich, frozen pizza, etc. I have terrible heartburn, and I’m feeling horrible. Tonight, I’d like a light, healthy, and easy dinner. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Carole
One healthy dinner will not undo the damage from what you have been eating. Educate yourself to eat a healthy diet all the time. If you had an expensive vehicle would you use dirty oil and dirty fuel filters etc? Some of us treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. Go to the library or go on-line for a healthy diet. So for tea tonight eat fresh veggies with some wholemeal pasta. Make it yummy with herbs and garlic. Sorry for being so negative.

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health food dinner – Day 60 of Project 365

health food dinner – Day 60 of Project 365
Healthy Foods To Eat
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Sorry bit of a crap photo today as I was working late tonight…. this was the healthy Burger King dinner that I consumed…. there were 2 of us and I didnt eat all that on my own! I had the healthy option and was the one drinking the orange juice.

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