Flash Point Demonstration 1965

The flashpoint of a liquid is the lowest temperature at which the liquid gives off enough vapor to be ignited (start burning) at the surface of the liquid. Sometimes more than one flashpoint is reported for a chemical. Since testing methods and purity of the liquid tested may vary, flashpoints are intended to be used as guides only, not as fine lines between safe and unsafe. A wonderful source of additional information on flammable materials can be found at: www.ccohs.ca . The site is from the the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), a Canadian federal government agency based in Hamilton, Ontario. CCOHS makes a vast scope of occupational health and safety information readily available, in clear language that is appropriate for all users, from the general public to the health and safety professional. Internationally, the Centre is renowned as an innovative, authoritative occupational health and safety resource. This was clipped from the 1965 training film, Magic of Fire (23 minutes), produced by the US Bureau of Mines. The film deals with fire, its composition, uses and control. Tabletop displays and laboratory demonstrations illustrate how fires and explosions occur. Describes the safe use and control of commonly used gases and flammable liquids. Shows various industrial fires (and fire hazards in the home) and gives instructions on fire prevention.
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Men’s Health Magazine Grow Taller Tips Demonstration

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Low Fat Banana Bread Recipe Demonstration – Joyofbaking.com

Recipe here: www.joyofbaking.com Stephanie Jaworski of Joyofbaking.com demonstrates how to make low fat banana bread. This is the Banana Bread that I love to have sitting on the counter, so I can enjoy a slice whenever my sweet tooth beckons. The combination of flavors, sweet bananas paired with vanilla and cinnamon, is sure to please. This quick bread is not only good with your morning coffee but is also makes a nice accompaniment to a tossed salad. We welcome comments on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com