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This is Click Clip Deal coupon widget on Canada Blog Friends

This is Click Clip Deal coupon widget on Canada Blog Friends
Image by Roberrific
Here you can see a clunky first attempt at the coupon sharing widget that lives in the sidebar of a blog and shares ‘local deals’ that are geo-targeted to the viewer’s ip address
these are free printable coupons and the website acts like a search engine indexing hundreds of coupons from a half dozen different coupon sharing websites.

How to deal with an unreasonable person?

Question by Olivia: How to deal with an unreasonable person?
My husband’s ex-wife is unbelievable! My husband and I have been sick the last 2 days with the flu. We can barely get off the couch, we are beyond sick. This weekend is supposed to be his weekend with his 2 young girls. So, he calls his ex-wife and tells her that we are both sick with the flu and can he get the girls when we are better. She said NO and she doesn’t care that we are sick we need to “deal with them”. WTH?! Would you send your healthy kids to a home where you knew people were sick with the flu. I swear, I don’t understand people sometimes!

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Turtle
I don’t understand why you are complaining when you signed up for all of this. Sounds kind of unreasonable on your part.

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Best-Ever Grills: Sizzling Ideas for Great Grill Recipes, The Ultimate in Healthy Fast Food (Great Deal Cookbooks)

Best-Ever Grills: Sizzling Ideas for Great Grill Recipes, The Ultimate in Healthy Fast Food (Great Deal Cookbooks)

This is a selection of recipes for delicious meals in minutes, including fish, poultry, meat, vegetarian and dessert recipes. It gives easy step-by-step techniques for tasty marinades and salsas.

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Constellation clinches deal with EDF, exits nuclear venture

Constellation clinches deal with EDF, exits nuclear venture
Constellation Energy settled its dispute with French utility giant Electricite de France on Tuesday, selling its half of a joint venture to develop new nuclear power plants and dropping its threat to exercise an option to force EDF to buy a dozen aging fossil fuel plants.
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Asia Markets: China banks to rise as capital raising set to ease
An upcoming round of capital raising by some large Chinese banks via rights issues is likely to remove the overhang of equity dilution on the sector and trigger rating upgrades, analysts say.
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Fibromyalgia: Symptoms and Treatment
Two percent of the United States population suffers from a chronic condition known as fibromyalgia. It occurs more often in women than men and the risk of developing it increases with age. Widespread pain, fatigue, abnormal pain processing, and multiple tender points on the body in which slight pressure causes pain, characterize fibromyalgia.
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