Original Dead Squirrel, Girl, Greyhound…Unnexpected

May, 2008 our newly adopted (leased!) Greyhound, Ivy unexpectedly walked right up to a healthy squirrel standing stock still & quick as lightning, killed it with one shake. She dropped it & walked on, my husband behind her, his jaw agape. I went to retrieve the squirrel to reverently bury it. I ducked in the house for a shovel. Meanwhile..our daughter picked it up..with so much love.
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Conservative Christians, why are you protesting the Funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, why must you punish the dead?

Question by Peter Purcell: Conservative Christians, why are you protesting the Funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, why must you punish the dead?
This is not the way of Yeshua the Christ, so why must you continue to make a mockery out of Christ teachings?


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Answer by Hippie Mama loves the holidays
Sheesh! These are the same people who protested Mr. Rodgers’ funeral. They’re seriously warped.

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Dead Kennedys: Soup Is Good Food

We’re sorry But you’re no longer needed Or wanted Or even cared about here Machines can do a better job than you This is what you get for asking questions The unions agree ‘Sacrifices must be made’ Computers never go on strike To save the working man you’ve got to put him out to pasture Looks like we’ll have to let you go Doesn’t it feel fulfilling to know That you-the human being-are now obsolete And there’s nothing in hell we’ll let you do about it [Chorus] Soup is good food-(We don’t need you any more) You made a good meal-(We don’t need you any more) Now how do you feel-(We don’t need you any more) To be shit out our ass And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash We’re sorry You’ll just have to leave Unemployment runs out after just six weeks How does it feel to be a budget cut? You’re snipped You no longer exist Your number’s been purged from our central computer So we can rig the facts And sweep you under the rug See our chart? Unemployment’s going down If that ruins your life that’s your problem Soup is Good Food, Etc. We’re sorry We hate to interrupt But it’s against the law to jump off this bridge You’ll just have to kill yourself somewhere else A tourist might see you And we wouldn’t want that I’m just doing my job, you know So say uncle And we’ll take you to the mental health zoo Force feed you mind-melting chemicals Til even the outside world looks great In hi-tech science research labs It costs too much to bury all the dead The mutilated disease-injected