How to Make Healthy Chicken Wraps with Low Carb Flat Breads! Damascus Bakeries Flatbread Company Inspired by old world traditions in bread making and quality service, New Yorks Damascus Bakeries opened its community bakery in 1930 with Americas Original Pita Bread. Now 80 years and three generations later, our dedication to providing delicious bread solutions to both the retail and food service environment continues to tantalize taste buds nationwide. Damascus flat breads are found in some of the most discerning restaurants, institutions, convenience stores and supermarkets. Focusing on taste, we blend old world tradition with new age technology, offering a sensory experience in our full line of savory, healthy breads including Pitas, Lahvash Wraps, Panini, Roll-ups, and other gourmet Flat Breads. Today Chef Herman from Damascus Bakeries is showing me how to make fabulous Chicken Flax Roll Up in just 2 Minutes. Indulge in the sandwich and cut the carbs with Damascus Bakeries Roll-Ups. They’re nutritious and delicious rolled into one, and provide the healthy values your weight loss diet prescribes. So, start with the square, add the yummy goodness, and roll into a sandwich that will have your appetite dancing the tango. Happy healthy eating and watch me shrink with Damascus! Ingredients Damascus Bakeries Flax roll up Lettuce Tomato slices Grilled Chicken pieces Mayonnaise Instruction: Lay flat the Damascus Flax Roll Up and brush fat free mayonnaise. Add lettuce, grilled chicken, and tomato slices in front of each other. Then roll everything up